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  1. Morality: Absolute or Relative?
  2. What is the nature of "Truth"?
  3. Emotion is the ultimate basis of all morality!
  4. Are humans basicly good or bad?
  5. What is free will?
  6. Innate Morality
  7. Is it reasonable to believe in a god?
  8. The meaning of life
  9. god's indefinite capability
  10. What is "right"?
  11. truth vs. honesty
  12. Love, chemistry or fate?
  13. If you were God...
  14. love at first sight
  15. fate/destiny/free will
  16. Conform! Follow!
  17. Where's the Universe?
  18. The nature of thinking about the nature of X (god)
  19. "success"
  20. Hermaphrodites and the Bible...
  21. Reality vs. The Mentally Ill
  22. Apokalupsis' sig quote
  23. Please... Abuse me!
  24. Freewill: Existence of consequences
  25. The Best Possible World
  26. What is the nature of Justice?
  27. Arguments in favor of God
  28. What would happen if.......
  29. The Order of the Universe and Reality
  30. Relationship of Faith and Reason (Part I)
  31. Torture and interrogation...
  32. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement...
  33. That at least one god exists
  34. Why Logic?
  35. The Meaning of Terrorism
  36. Patriotism: For the "blind" and "immoral"
  37. The Greatest Pain
  38. Proof for Anything
  39. Evil Wisdom
  40. Free will vs God's will
  41. Do Natural Laws or Rights Exist?
  42. How valuable are our pets?
  43. Does "thing" exist?
  44. What *IS* morality?
  45. Human Understanding and Knowledge
  46. 7 Deadly Sins
  47. Relious freedom to refuse medical treatment for children
  48. Is Faith a Choice?
  49. Sex
  50. Quality
  51. Meaning
  52. St. Anselm's ontological proof of God. I'll use my favorite rebuttal in class.
  53. Reality: Subjective or Objective?
  54. You Know You Love It
  55. Ethics
  56. A Not-So-Godless Godless Rant
  57. Atheist Morals
  58. Fyshhed's Theory of Decisions
  59. What is philosophy?
  60. Pure breeds...
  61. Animal Rights?
  62. What is "good"?
  63. Soldiery: The Mercenary's Art
  64. Who decides your fate?
  65. White Noise
  66. What is Normal?
  67. Objectivism
  68. Welcome to the "Circle" world...
  69. Aristotle On Virtue
  70. The Road to Hell...
  71. The Paradox of Omnipotence
  72. What is reality and why can't God be a part of it?
  73. Can humans really be illogical?
  74. Absolute Truth
  75. Time travel
  76. Do you believe in luck?
  77. A relative problem for relative morality
  78. Morality and reason
  79. Truth=Morality. (Discussion of the Logos).
  80. Should it be the case...
  81. Perception = Morality?
  82. Moral Murder?
  83. Facts, Faith and Unfounded Conclusions
  84. What is a Person?
  85. The general decline of understanding causality, or, "Slippery slope!"
  86. Challenge to Atheists: Is atheism more open-minded?
  87. The Art of Apathy
  88. Reincarnation.
  89. My New Religion
  90. Ends Justify the Means
  91. Significance Vs Coincidence
  92. Is "Lack of Belief" a Valid Concept?
  93. Is "Good" relative?
  94. Will (the kind that can supposedly be free and stuff)
  95. Right... so god... a god, any god... one of the gods that ever 'existed'
  96. Apocalypse, is it near?
  97. The MORALITY of Capital Punishment
  98. Temporal God.
  99. Supporting extra-ordinary claims
  100. Lone Man Imperative?
  101. Necessity of purpose
  102. Evolution
  103. Tolerance vs. Acceptance
  104. Right and Wrong
  105. A short piece on Originalism.
  106. Choosing whether or not to believe
  107. Student/Teacher Ethics.
  108. Meaning vs Accuracy
  109. The Impossibility of an Infinite Past
  110. What do you figure is the terrorists' ultimate objective?
  111. Animal Rights
  112. Free will and God's omniscience
  113. Quantum and the uncaused cause
  114. When does humor go too far?
  115. What Things Motivate People Most?
  116. Fluffy Questions for Everybody
  117. Life and Death
  118. If all the atoms...
  119. Absolute truth vs Relative truth
  120. Flaws of Relative Truth (Relativism)
  121. Unnatural: What does it mean?
  122. What does "America" mean?
  123. A weird one.
  124. The Kalam Cosmological Argument for the existence of God
  125. KCA vs CTMU -* For Brave Souls Only! *
  126. Questions Regarding Perception
  127. Opinions/Judgments/Criticisms
  128. Morality of Reporters in Intemperate Zones
  129. Theory of Watches
  130. Theory:Capitalism vs. Love/Passion
  131. an abortion of the lesser classes
  132. Ratio: Organic inteligent life/ Earth Mass
  133. The encyclopedia from space
  134. Those saved will die anyway
  135. Predictions for the next 100 Years
  136. Free Will
  137. Taoism is like the best philosophy in the universe...
  138. Of Opposites and Antitheses
  139. Non-Verbal Thinking.
  140. Eyewitness accounts
  141. The universe is infinite
  142. Amazing Coincidences (Paranormal?)
  143. The philosophy of Christianity and the religoin of Christianity
  144. Omniscience, determinism, free will, and related concepts
  145. Intelligent Design vs Atheistic Abiogenesis
  146. Of Omnipotent Beings and Their Attributes
  147. Do I exist?
  148. Did God Create Everything That Exists?
  149. Nationalism blows
  150. Truth: The Argument for Correspondence and Absolutism
  151. Fear v. Hope
  152. Definition of Reality
  153. A Fish Out Of Water
  154. When did Iraq become evil?
  155. A plausible explanation for God
  156. Can we know for certain that we don't know everything?
  157. Outdated Philosophy
  158. What is good and evil?
  159. SubConscious Codes
  160. Is There Really Such Thing As A Future?
  161. Mind-Boggling Questions
  162. A clarification of "murder".
  163. Is "WTF" bordering on vulgarity?
  164. God of gaps mentality
  165. Comic books as Philosophical Guides?
  166. The benevolence of God
  167. Destined for Free Will, or Freely Predetermined?
  168. The Fundamental Philosophy: Empiricism Vs Faith
  169. The Moral Value of Intentions
  170. A man once said that Religion is the opiate of the masses.
  171. Did God Create Everything That Exists? Part 2 : Loving God or All Mighty God???
  172. Observed speciation
  173. Why God Is Essential To Life
  174. Faustian Spirit
  175. Us vs. Them
  176. The Logic of God
  177. Interpretations
  178. God is the universe, the universe is God.
  179. Personal Morality vs. Public Morality
  180. Absolute Morality
  181. Who are we? (I?)
  182. Playground taunts
  183. School
  184. My philosophical understanding of relativism.
  185. Acausality and God
  186. What's the point of Culture?
  187. Basis of Atheist Morals
  188. Perceptions and Beliefs are NEVER wrong!
  189. What is Romantic Love?
  190. What is the philosophical reasoning behind religion?
  191. Everything is always wrong!
  192. Whats wrong with Adultery?
  193. Beautiful
  194. Is it right to keep asking questions?
  195. 2+2=wtf?
  196. God and Logic
  197. Why pure Agnosticism/Skepticism is flawed
  198. What is a better tomorrow?
  199. Why people think they can know it [all]?
  200. Contingency for existance
  201. Mind Evaluation
  202. Skepticism, take 2
  203. Definition and Truth
  204. The importance of Family and Friend
  205. The "skeptic's" language
  206. Do you exist?
  207. Life is beautiful?
  208. Life is a beaute? PartII
  209. Life is a beaute? PartII
  210. Artificial Consciousness
  211. Uses and Misuse of Logic
  212. Questions for the Skeptic
  213. Science the source of morals?
  214. Mentally retarded
  215. How lucky are you?
  216. Space as an Illusion
  217. Philosophy of Proverbs
  218. Secular Normative Ethics
  219. Governments cannot grant Rights.
  220. Intentionality and Truth
  221. Your Favorite Philosopher
  222. Is a Free Market System Really Feasible?
  223. Moral action.
  224. Camus' Absurd Suicide
  225. The Psychology of Philosophy
  226. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Logicians
  227. How do we calculate the value of a life?
  228. Rights
  229. Etymologists to our Rescue
  230. Voluntary Slavery
  231. Theo-logic
  232. What is the meaning of life?
  233. Love: choice or fate?
  234. Free Will (again).
  235. Every Action is a Selfish One
  236. The Value of Voluntary Simplicity
  237. The flaw of a free market
  238. The Limitations of Logic
  239. Humans, Good or Bad?
  240. The Appreciation of Art
  241. Love & Lust...or Love v. Lust
  242. Christians fearful of death?
  243. Exonerating the guilty vs punishing the innocent
  244. Thoughts?
  245. When You Reach Heaven, There is No More Suffering
  246. Brainwashing Bender
  247. An Argument For Market Anarchism
  248. Evil is More than the Absence of Good
  249. why Light is good and dark is bad
  250. Dealing with terrorism