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  1. Should american news be secular?
  2. What is Logic? (Logic 101)
  3. Communism and Religion
  4. One vs One Debate Forum Open
  5. Barefoot, Pregnant and in the Kitchen
  6. Challenge: Abortion! [Already Started]
  7. Why "God Bless America"?
  8. AntiMaterialst Vs. a Bible Thumper[started]
  9. Homosexual Marriages [ALREADY STARTED]
  10. Subway Dreams on International Women's Day: Train to the Future
  11. Pets!
  12. Is Cadaver Use Unethical?
  13. Political Ideology
  14. The morality of (in)fertility
  15. Why are there no religion based video games
  16. Old McD Has Some AntiMatter, E-I-E-I-O...
  17. Right or left -- what's the difference
  18. Morality of File Sharing
  19. Antimaterialist vs. Creation Science
  20. Why is religion the answer?
  21. contraception to abortion[started]
  22. gay marriage [Started]
  23. Debate Mastery: Abortion
  24. Which is the more frightening threat?
  25. "Tug of War" or "War of Tug"?
  26. U.S Appeals Court grants stay on underclassmen joining the NFL
  27. Sex vs. Violence in America
  28. Pat Tillman.......
  29. NEED HELP! environmental protection vs. economic development
  30. Orthodox vs. Protestant [started]
  31. Pyschic Prophecy
  32. National security going too far?
  33. Equal Rights for Whites
  34. AntiMaterialist Vs. Ohmaysis [started]
  35. The issue of works and deeds - The Sequal [started]
  36. Capitalism[Started]
  37. Jordan vs. Sola Scriptura
  38. Should The United States be the policemen of the world?
  39. One man and one woman?
  40. Get ready to laugh your head off!
  41. I am here to kill you
  42. Most charismatic fictional character ever.
  43. Todays youth more conservative?
  44. "Kink Factor"
  45. Soft focus nipples
  46. What age is one an adult in the USA?
  47. That's it...I've lost faith
  48. God's Existence
  49. The Cost of Entertainment
  50. Does the Quran condone and even command violence and murder against infidels?
  51. Dreams
  52. What is the most powerful force in the universe?
  53. Public or Private schooling?
  54. Gods Don't Exist
  55. Belly buttons
  56. Genes Vs. Enviroment
  57. Al-Jazeera's ethics?
  58. Love
  59. HIV STD's Teens condoms and school
  60. Totalitarian Democracy Vs. Representative Democracy
  61. Intolerant of intolerance
  62. Celebrity justice
  63. What makes a parent?
  64. American youth and the Vote. Why Kerry or Bush?
  65. Is it ever ok to lie?
  66. Birthday Theory
  67. Internal vs. External Validation
  68. Double standards & Atheist minorities
  69. the E.L.F
  70. Extreme Fighting
  71. Christian Libertarians?
  72. Laissez-faire and Libertarians
  73. Meme: the mind virus
  74. The Tax Sale of a Home
  75. Being Moral vs. Being Nice
  76. Bush, going for the condoment vote?
  77. WTC Insurers sue airlines
  78. Home vs Public/private schools
  79. Mt St Helens
  80. Catholic teachings take a hit
  81. Minimum Wage
  82. Juvenile executions
  83. Male homosexuality linked to genes
  84. Bill O'Reilly charged with sexual harassment and Fox's political connections
  85. Scrap Government
  86. Teacher Unions
  87. Loch Ness Losers?
  88. Extracurriculars in School
  89. EVP is real.
  90. The sad lives atheists live
  91. The Wisdom of "Dr." Kent Hovind
  92. Bush is a better candidate for the presidency
  93. The argument from non-X
  94. The electoral college should be abolished.
  95. Openmindedness
  96. American 'Free Enterprise' a Myth?
  97. Homophilia is a choice and it is wrong
  98. More from Moore
  99. God exists
  100. Role Reversal Section (Read Before You Post)
  101. Prove that God doesn't exist.
  102. Mental stability...
  103. Laissez-faire is impractical
  104. Murder should be legalized
  105. Hitler was a good man
  106. This forum is ridiculously pointless
  107. Evolution is false
  108. National Debt is necessary
  109. Is competition good or bad?
  110. Marijuana Is Evil
  111. Laissez-faire is practical
  112. Lack of Diversity
  113. Why do Americans worship celebrities
  114. Seat Belt Laws
  115. Abortion should be banned.
  116. Democracy's Dying Breath
  117. Bush a movie villain?
  118. Zhavric and "white trash."
  119. When does improbability become impossibility?
  120. Strippers - are they demeaning women or just entertaining?
  121. What is "Time"?
  122. What does "THE" mean?
  123. Started philosophy class . . .
  124. The Most Dangerous Profession
  125. Breakfast Cereals
  126. mickey mouse, looking for world domination?
  127. How do you define "Bad"?
  128. Try me out!
  129. 'Big Apple' name change
  130. Espionage Act / Freedoms Debate
  131. Democracy = Peace
  132. Automatic speed adjustment?
  133. Who is more wide read? Neo cons or tree huggers
  134. Prove that love exists.....:O)
  135. Pimp=good?
  136. What messures intellegence?
  137. 50 Years - America a superpower?
  138. The Islamic teachings of peace? Or violence?
  139. Is an abnormality in nature... natural?
  140. Debating the Opposite position is Useless
  141. Music=Bad?
  142. Teenagers Dating in High School
  143. Homeschooling
  144. Gas Boycott
  145. Women in the Infantry/SpecOps. Yay or Nay?
  146. Current American Economics
  147. The thrill of gambling infringing on religious beliefs
  148. Conservatism: Renaissance in America
  149. Does anyone see a pattern here?
  150. Unofficial Poll
  151. English only for West Virginia
  152. First Thread! In your face, Sam!
  153. Mustang5
  154. Zhavric
  155. Buying Essays
  156. Zhavric SHOULD NOT be a band!!!
  157. Clive's Hero, the "Nuge," Speaks
  158. Nev & Telex: Peace offering
  159. For Montalban: Standards of proof
  160. Gay-lovers vs. KB: What makes Kevin more qualified than psychologists?
  161. Hey KB..
  162. 5 year old in cuffs
  163. Can you stand the sight of death?
  164. Function & Design... a demonstration for Kevin
  165. To Pibs
  166. Deterioration of the English language?
  167. Scrooge: Lib. turned con. or con. turned lib.?
  168. My debate is, Anime porn if it is for adults only how can kids be drawn
  169. Gay marriage should be banned
  170. To ever rule there is an exception
  171. Lets all be A LOT nicer to Apokalupsis...
  172. Homosexual couples deserve the same legal recognition as heterosexual ones
  173. Challenge to bf55: What's the problem, dude?
  174. Response to Z About Joseph Smith
  175. Freedom of Speech - in Zhavric's dreamworld.
  176. Separation of church and state...which do you believe in?
  177. Paying for Police Hours
  178. Base Debates
  179. Debate by phone???
  180. The thoughts of Chairman Fruity.
  181. Natural gas vs oil
  182. Near Death Experience
  183. Question for Montalban
  184. Amusement Parks
  185. Putin is a petty pilferer
  186. The anti-rape "tampon"
  187. Planning on using someone else's Wi-Fi?
  188. Wtf, Scs?
  189. To KevinBrowning (cont'd from "Wtf, Scs?")
  190. A question for nanderson
  191. Kevin Browning........
  192. Challenge to Xanadu
  193. Is it ethical to spy on your children?
  194. Yo iblsed, check this out!!!!!!
  195. Nanderson's logic on abortion: Paralell with gay marriage?
  196. jamie....can u help me?
  197. The Nature of things
  198. Wrong Wrong Wrong!!
  199. The Ideal Constitution
  200. For Bf55
  201. Sam's view on contraception challenged
  202. Worldnetdaily.com
  203. The War on Iraq was a bad decision
  204. shadow knight? lets see you back that argument up!
  205. Is spanking unethical?
  206. The world will face population problems
  207. FD: Capital Punishment (Mod=Iluv, Apok, NE)
  208. FD: Capital Punishment (peanut gallery)
  209. Are there really at least 2 sides to every issue?
  210. IFD: Capital Punishment
  211. We should not teach our children about Santa Claus
  212. Is it ever right to lie?
  213. Spartakus - I wanna spank you
  214. Flaws of Enviromentalist Argument (or not)
  215. Offshore tutoring
  216. What's Wrong With Soccer?
  217. What makes a Parent an Expert?
  218. Ya want marijauna legal? Then ban all alcohol and nicotine products.
  219. Atheism: What is it good for?
  220. Essay Writing.
  221. Oil Article.
  222. Extended Breastfeeding
  223. Evolution in action?
  224. The War on Drugs
  225. Does the world basically have a set of morals thats similar?
  226. Dreams. The POWER of dreams.
  227. Should the state take custody?
  228. aw come on syl, lets see your skills
  229. Discipline in schools
  230. Is the US Democratic System Seriously Defunct?
  231. Concealed carry, vigilantism?
  232. Book publishers vs. Google
  233. House arrest
  234. DUI Plates
  235. When to Use or Not Use Dictionary Definitions
  236. The Right to an Abortion Must Be Upheld
  237. Transcendentalism is Valuable to the Christian Community
  238. Cremation vs Burial
  239. Jumping Ship Does Not Help ODN
  240. How much would you pay?
  241. Historians & their techniques
  242. Top 100 People of the Millenium
  243. Is the US losing it's morality monopoly?
  244. Forcing Kids to eat
  245. Moms on Strike
  246. X for Hug or Kiss?
  247. What harm does atheism do?
  248. Nazis weren't all bad
  249. Accountability on the Internet
  250. Difference between a terrorist and a good guy.