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  1. Israeli vs Palestinian conflict
  2. United state: World Police
  3. Saddam captured!
  4. The Ethiopian genocide trials
  5. What obligation do nations have to others?
  6. Proper use of the military
  7. Canadian/American Relations
  8. Quit Iraq?
  9. SEVIS: Discrimination or National Security?
  10. B&B Planned Iraq Sept 20th 2001
  11. Bush on Primetime TV: plonker?
  12. Osama bin Laden offers European truce
  13. Foreign Aid
  14. Blasphemy law scope widening
  15. Sickening world double-standard
  16. You think terrorists support Kerry? Guess again.
  17. The European Union
  18. Is Iraq culturally incompatible with Western-style representative democracy?
  19. Israel cf Nazi Germany
  20. Kerry: Flip Flopper? Or Not?
  21. Iraqi POW Abuse
  22. Done in our name
  23. Chechnya -Views
  24. Feel free to abuse!
  25. If Iraq chooses to become a theocracy
  26. sadam -al qaeda
  27. World Court says Israeli barrier illegal.
  28. What are WMDs?
  29. War on "Terrorism"
  30. Humans Inability to be Democratic
  31. Arab Myths
  32. الجزيرة نت
  33. With Arafat Dead...
  34. I just don't get it.
  35. Ftwto
  36. And you think U.S. politics is bad?
  37. Why is the United States the policeman of the world?
  38. United States- World Defender
  39. US Aid: International vs. Domestic
  40. Prince Harry wears a Nazi uniform, causes uproar.
  41. Iraqi Catholic archbishop abducted; Iraqis happy to vote.
  42. Latest Evidence that the World is Full of Ingrates
  43. Iran or Bust.
  44. Elections in Iraq.
  45. Support the troops but not the war: Where is the line drawn?
  46. Liberal Media distorts Iraq War
  47. Clinton for UN Secretary?
  48. Looks Like Iranian-Style Theocracy for Iraq. Go Figure
  49. Insurgents reach new low
  50. 7 wealthiest nations agree to forgive much or all debt of most-impoverished nations.
  51. Boutros-Ghali takes partial Oil-for-Food scandal blame, says Annan shares guilt.
  52. New Hope For Israeli/Palestinian Peace
  53. North Korea Publicly Admits To Having Nukes
  54. Iraq - the future?
  55. "MAD" defense against terrorism
  56. Bin Ladin enlists al-Zarqawi to attack U.S.
  57. Kosher Laws in Israel
  58. Iraqi Opinions
  59. Iraq has a president and PM.
  60. Good or great analysis?
  61. Before the War
  62. US Soldiers are immoral
  63. The Downing Street Memo
  64. The World would be better off without US
  65. Encouraging news about our border security.
  66. US does not care for well-being of Iraqis.
  67. George Washington was an Insurgent
  68. Canada is Doomed.
  69. Aid to Africa Hurts Africa
  70. So good it hurts!
  71. Terrorists hit London
  72. Al Qaeda's Death Button
  73. Counter-ownage
  74. A Good Point.
  75. A nuclear question: "Do you feel lucky?"
  76. Foreign Aid
  77. Anti-War Claims (part I)
  78. Bush Dramatically Lowers Iraq Goals
  79. Why are the Palestinians so greedy?
  80. The "I ____ America" poll.
  81. Why is Halliburton such a scapegoat?
  82. North Korea Agrees to End Nuclear Weapons Programme
  83. Batlle for the North Pole
  84. Saddam's trial, first hearing.
  85. Is Cuba still there?
  86. What is up with the French?
  87. Venezuela's Chavez
  88. Read this or be eternally damned.
  89. Bush Planned to Bomb Al Jazeera?
  90. Time table for pulling out of iraq
  91. No women drivers in Saudi Arabia
  92. propaganda war...
  93. The Iran Invasion
  94. Torture Exposed?
  95. Billionaires in China
  96. Canada's new Prime Minister.
  97. Google 中国
  98. So much for Democracy
  99. Hamas not so bad?
  100. Help with school newsletter!
  101. Iran-erference
  102. Iran Stealing From the American Playbook
  103. Mohammed Caricature
  104. Contracts on Cartoonists?
  105. Cannibals in the Congo
  106. Have we failed in Iraq
  107. Can multiculturalism work?
  108. Is it still right for china to adopt the one-child policy?
  109. Are We Better Off?
  110. Iran's true sin
  111. Economics and comparative advantage
  112. "If this is not civil war, then God knows what civil war is."
  113. Sharia law in Afghanistan
  114. Russia hasn't changed.
  115. "A Policy of Aggression"?
  116. Congratulations on your Democracy: Now Resign
  117. Bin Laden captured.
  118. Hamas Olive Branch?
  119. Yes, We Did! No, We Didn't! Your Mom.
  120. Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change
  121. Bush Plan: Nukes
  122. Italian Election
  123. 'Culpable Negligence'
  124. Nuestro Himno
  125. Blair in Trouble?
  126. Russia will pay you to get pregnant
  127. Play a Game. Save a Life.
  128. A French intellectual reveals the truth about anti-Americanism.
  129. A French intellectual reveals the truth about anti-Americanism.
  130. The Reform of a Terrorist
  131. Death Sentence for Gays
  132. Tariffs
  133. Somalia - oops, did it again
  134. Find an excuse?
  135. Esperanto
  136. Here We Go Again....
  137. Nobel: Historian vs. Activist
  138. Iraqi Civilians Raped, Murdered by US Soldiers
  139. What Has Israel Gained?
  140. World War III
  141. Meanwhile in Iraq....
  142. Regime Change
  143. Another American
  144. Khmer Rouge warlord Ta Mok dies in prison.
  145. Should Israel trade the child killer for their soldiers?
  146. To those who think "negotiations" are possible...
  147. Israel acting disproportionately?
  148. Why this Israel vs Hezbollah conflict is DIFFERENT
  149. Qana = Hezbo "PR Stunt" ?
  150. United Nations reform?
  151. 'Terrorist' profiling.
  152. Why should Iran comply with UN demands and resolution?
  153. Saddam verdict expected in October.
  154. Gasoline shortage in Iraq
  155. Peace and Capitalism
  156. Tony Blair's Swan Song
  157. Russia still a democracy?
  158. The Real Lesson of 9/11
  159. IAEA: ‘Outrageous’ inaccuracies in Iran report
  160. The 'Veil' and the West.
  161. Iraqi legislator at my college.
  162. North Korean Nuke Test?
  163. 655,000 Iraqi deaths since US Invasion
  164. US Victory in Iraq "Ruled Out"
  165. Adopting Africans
  166. Why NOT partition Iraq?
  167. Reasons why the United Nations is a Colossal Failure
  168. Saddam sentenced to Hang.
  169. Canada vs. USA
  170. Winning or Losing in Iraq?
  171. Iraq - Two alternatives only
  172. Would the Bush Administration benefit from the capture of Bin Laden?
  173. "Civil War" or "Sectarian Conflict"
  174. To: The American People -- From: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  175. Capital Punishment
  176. The Iraq Study Group Report.
  177. Ira
  178. Saddam to be executed within 30 days.
  179. The Bulgarian Medics in Lybia-why diplomacy failed
  180. Israel to nuke Iran.
  181. Iraq--Up to 2 TRILLION
  182. Games. Politics.
  183. Today's 'Fifth Column'.
  184. America less safe now?
  185. Protectionism: The Candlemakers' Petition
  186. Recognizing Israel's "Right to Exist"
  187. How to fix immigration.
  188. China: Internet Censorship
  189. Baghdad Over 4 years
  190. Retaliation?
  191. What started british involvment in the Iraq war?
  192. 655,000
  193. Iran bans Western Haircuts
  194. Convesrvaties Hurting Canada?
  195. They're stealing our oil!
  196. I support Isreal
  197. Disproportionate Use of Media
  198. Another Kind of "Surge"
  199. Screw American Politics...
  200. Dictatorship vs. Theocracy?
  201. Italian corruption
  202. What our media does not show us.
  203. Yes I agree, we are the only ones hurting them.
  204. Dying kids in Africa.
  205. Primary Causes of War
  206. Beheadings
  207. Religious Racism...
  208. Freedom, Corporations and Terrorism.
  209. The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil
  210. What Our Media Does Not Show Us Pt. 2
  211. Chinese take the lead in the era of surveillance
  212. China, all about quantity instead of quality?
  213. Russia's Future
  214. Hamas TV's Children's Show star, proud to be a martyr
  215. Who did kill the electric car, anyway?
  216. Medicaid Causes New Dilemma In Treating Illegals
  217. The 'West' should negotiate with "terrorist" groups.
  218. Blackwater Update.
  219. Today U.S. trade deficit is $59.2 billion
  220. Defending my Nationality
  221. The United States has lost it's leadership role...
  222. World Bank Protests and IMF Protests
  223. China's Inhumanity-U.S. Should Boycott 2008 Olympic Games
  224. Why western ideologies will not work in Africa
  225. Pakistan...the new...not-so-good place.
  226. Greater Iran
  227. A New Era for France
  228. Oil profits to fuel new world economy?
  229. Operation Buccaneer
  230. True Aid For Africa, Debate Wisely!
  231. North American Super Highway
  232. Capitalism?
  233. Would You Consider the Middle East Backwards?
  234. Was Churchill a Prophet?
  235. What do you think of Obadiah Shoher's views on the Middle East conflict?
  236. Darfur
  237. Run away spy satellite
  238. Kosovo declares independenc
  239. China- should we be buying goods from them?
  240. Prince Harry "mucking" in the Stan.
  241. Possible War in South America
  242. Saddam - Al Qaeda link, the last straw ?
  243. Do global people power will support Tibet condition?
  244. U.S. Withdrawal From International Criminal Court (ICC)
  245. I'm for ckuster bombs.
  246. Does sovereignty mean more than human lives?
  247. Zimbabwe vote
  248. The repatriation of North Korean refugees
  249. Do you agree with the independent Tibet?
  250. Different view of Iraq