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  1. Nuking Japan
  2. End of The Viking Warriors
  3. Canadian Recession
  4. What do you think has killed more people?
  5. Roman Empire
  6. The generalisation of Germans -> Nazis
  7. A Key to the Success of America
  8. Worst Leader Ever
  9. Cyrus the Great
  10. The History of the Swastika
  11. Vietnam
  12. History
  13. Who is the greatest President in the history of the United States?
  14. Prescott Bush and Adolf Hitler.
  15. When Was the 'Triumphal Entry' of Jesus?
  16. History of european integration
  17. Columbus Day
  18. No more Thanksgiving for the Indians.
  19. Evidence of ancient Israelites in Japan?
  20. Narcicistic, Atheistic Liberals get out!
  21. Effects of Populism in American politics.
  22. Today's Liberal reasoning, applied to WWII.
  23. Myths and Legends
  24. Today in History
  25. Holocaust Revisionism
  26. Conventional attack on Japan WW2 (food for thought).
  27. Fun With Etymology
  28. Life in the 1500's
  29. But why does it matter?
  30. Miss Dogood.
  31. Where were you?
  32. The French Resistance
  33. Question to War Vets.
  34. Suvivor. Hunter. Hero.
  35. Aroup Chatterjee
  36. Vietnam
  37. Archaeology in the Middle East.
  38. Historical References.
  39. Telegram
  40. What are the oldest organized religions?
  41. Heirs/Heiresses to the throne
  42. Why does any country need religious extremists?
  43. Causes of superpower tension?
  44. Slavery and States Rights
  45. Interpretation of history
  46. Holocaust Archives to Open.
  47. The Neanderthals.
  48. ANZAC Day
  49. Hitler Was the World's Greatest Humanitarian
  50. Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it
  51. Chiune Sugihara
  52. Ancient cultures - lost and found
  53. Weird Food. Who Thought To Eat That?
  54. Hitler. One of the greatest oratories to have ever existed?
  55. King Lincoln's First Coronation Address (part 1)
  56. Cursing
  57. Historical Revisionism
  58. Industrial revolution
  59. War and Heat
  60. A comprehensive history of israel.
  61. Traitors
  62. Bombing of Hiroshima...was MORAL
  63. Lysander Spooner
  64. What ancestry is biggest in USA?
  65. Which causes more deaths, Religious or Moral fervor?
  66. Who said it?
  67. How WW2 may not have happened
  68. Interesting bits from History.
  69. Nuremburg- Victor's Justice?
  70. Genghis Khan "Universal Ruler"
  71. 3000 year old dino bones?! WTF?
  72. Hitler and God
  73. choanoke
  74. Diplomacy
  75. CAESAR A Tyrant True Or False
  76. Electricity in ancient times.
  77. A Hypothetical Outcome of WWI
  78. Crusades justified?
  79. IS God male?
  80. Apologizing for slavery
  81. The Little Red Hen
  82. Lamest President Ever
  83. Do you know your personal history?
  84. July 4th is a BAD holiday
  85. Slavery... Are the Blacks the only race that can whine?
  86. The Dark Age didn't Exist
  87. Reparations!
  88. Anniversay of the bombing of Nagasaki
  89. Mongolian military
  90. Why Crete?
  91. Men learn from history...
  92. 'The worst Islamic attack in European history'
  93. King Tut
  94. Robert E. Lee - Could he have stopped it?
  95. Steampunk
  96. 3,000 years of history
  97. Ramifications of the 21st amendment
  98. Favorite Founding Fathers
  99. Most Important Battles of WWII
  100. The Tet Offensive, a total failure...
  101. Socrates never existed.
  102. US Civil War
  103. Alexander the Great toward Europe?
  104. Is It Fair to Describe Fascism and Nazism as "Right Wing"?
  105. The Holocaust: Structuralism vs. Functionalism
  106. O noes! Barbarian raiders!
  107. just a thought
  108. "First" presidents.
  109. Andrew Jackson
  110. Bring Back the Castrati
  111. Spread of Lutherism
  112. Thomas Jefferson
  113. Presidental Rankings
  114. Top 5 Generals and Why?
  115. The Founding Fathers on Democracy and Government
  116. Operation SeaLion - Supposed Victory
  117. Spartan helots
  118. Abraham Lincoln, President! But hero!!??
  119. Who trumps?
  120. Winning the War on Terror
  121. Greatest Empire/ World Power
  122. Atomic Bomb was a good thing
  123. Wars of the Roses, 1455-1487
  124. Military Diaspora
  125. The Maginot Line
  126. The Red Scare
  127. The Mongol Conquest of Europe
  128. Was the US revolution illegal?
  129. Isolationism vs Interventionalism
  130. If the South won..
  131. The World's Oldest Sovereign Government
  132. Is Islam let off the hook?
  133. World War 3
  134. Judging the Past
  135. Canadian as Heritage
  136. What If...
  137. Should the Allies have invaded Russia right after World War II?
  138. Greatest British Prime Minister
  139. Is history very important in education?
  140. The Great Depression Misunderstandings
  141. The Great Man Theory (among others) of History
  142. Single Most Important Historical Event
  143. Do Civilizations End?
  144. The United States role in effecting the outcome of WW2...
  145. No Enlightenment, No Athens, No America?
  146. President Lincoln the Dictator, And the American Tariff War
  147. That One Decisive Choice
  148. You would need balls to take on Constantine, no? (For the lovers of classic periods)
  149. Historic internet fuses
  150. Christian Nation Quiz
  151. Not one step back
  152. Is a Marxist State Possible?
  153. Was World War 2 Truly Beneficial Economywise?
  154. The Major Cause of the Collapse of the Soviet Union
  155. 9/11- do you remember what you were doing
  156. Right to Secede
  157. Was our policy of Containment justified, or hypocritical?
  158. Have people really changed?
  159. Holocaust.
  160. Context of the second ammendment
  161. Bayeux and Brexit
  162. Future History: 2nd American Civil War