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  1. Logical Fallacies
  2. Arguments, Fallacies, and Authority
  3. The Ad Hominem Fallacy
  4. Challenge
  5. Vegetarianism challenge
  6. She's a Witch!
  7. Respond to opponent's logical fallacy claim.
  8. New Fallacy?
  9. "Want to believe it's true therefore it's true"
  10. When fallacies apply
  11. Burden of proof
  12. Burden of Proof
  13. Two common yet opposite statments
  14. Unproven statements?
  15. Social Contract Fallacy
  16. The Physics of Hell
  17. Challenge
  18. What is SO obviously wrong with this statement?
  19. Bill O'reilly
  20. HELP! Statistics that prove/negate themselves? Deadly reasoning
  21. Noun substitution
  22. What fallacy is this?
  23. Idealism vs. Realism: The Burden of a Solution
  24. Criticisms of Christianty and the Genetic Fallacy
  25. Special pleadings
  26. "Nothing can be proven"
  27. Straw man
  28. Fallacy Challenge!
  29. Appeal for Ridicule
  30. Valid adhominem argument.
  31. How do you deal with Ad Hominems?
  32. Cop out?
  33. My first challenge
  34. Appeal to Ridicule
  35. Guilt by association. (Ex Concessis)
  36. Burden of proof and the argument from ignorance fallacy
  37. Circumstantial Ad Hominem
  38. Genetic Fallacy
  39. Double standards/Special Pleading
  40. Is this a fallacy? Or something else?
  41. GP-v-Apok, Fallacy Theory
  42. Affirming the Consequent
  43. Denying the antecedent
  44. No True Scotsman Fallacy
  45. Help with a possible fallacy
  46. Appealing to Majority/Expert Opinion
  47. The Naturalistic Fallacy
  48. Biased Choice of Evidence; A Logical Fallacy?
  49. Paradoxes.
  50. a fallacy on pleasure?
  51. You CANNOT con an honest man...really?
  52. Productivity Fallacy
  53. Falsifiability
  54. Absence of Evidence is Evidence of Absence
  55. Help!
  56. Is the Below a Fallacy, and if so, is it an Ad Hom?
  57. Not so fallacious theory?
  58. A new fallacy - the Transformation Fallacy
  59. Faith as Reason
  60. What fallacy is this?
  61. Jesus should have cooked the most delightful Snapper in Chile-Lime Sauce