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  1. Evolution is not PROVEN
  2. Questions for Creationists
  3. Cosmology and the Laws of Science.
  4. Multiple dimensions of time
  5. What If...
  6. Causality
  7. What is a soul, and do we have one?
  8. What are the origins of the universe?
  9. Psychic phenomena...
  10. Open Source/Free Software, is it Socialism?
  11. Gay Rams
  12. The morality of File Sharing
  13. Are men and women equal.
  14. Choose Your Belief
  15. Near Death Experiences
  16. Gmail
  17. Noah's Ark - too many animals...
  18. Cyborgs
  19. Why believe in the Supernatural?
  20. Genetic Engineering - yae or nae?
  21. Light slowing down?
  22. Scientific Advancement held back by Society/Government
  23. Acausality
  24. What killed the dinos?
  25. Intelligent Design? Not what you think!
  26. Hybrid vs Conventional Cars
  27. Teleportation? Could someone explain this to me?
  28. The Myth of the Beginning of Time
  29. Little hominid may have been failed experiment
  30. Controversial human bodies
  31. Mature Galaxies in Young Universe At Odds with Theory
  32. what are the advantages of Linux?
  33. String Theory Wrong...
  34. Medicine on a Chip
  35. Wow.
  36. Science and Morality
  37. Have we been "contacted"???
  38. Phily pondering going wireless
  39. Web site that asks 20 questions
  40. The art of Cloning
  41. A.i.
  42. ‘Origins’ takes on Life, the Universe and Everything
  43. Time Travel - Is it Possible?
  44. Could the Universe be Collapsing?
  45. Evidence for the "gay gene"
  46. Gay animals
  47. Land Speed Record held by Electric Car
  48. Let's do the time warp again!
  49. Theoretical Biology: Does it explain enough?
  50. Questions That Plague Physics: A Conversation with Lawrence M. Krauss
  51. Is it, or isn't it, human?
  52. Genetic engineering gone overboard?
  53. Brain Chips: NOW!
  54. Brain in a dish flies flight simulator
  55. The lost city of Atlantis found?
  56. File Compression
  57. South Carolina might actually be good for something!
  58. Breakthrough in spinal injury treatment
  59. One Science Method
  60. Stem cells help paralyzed woman walk
  61. "Cell" processor in the near future
  62. HIV: Defeated
  63. Bell's theorem?
  64. My thoughts on Evolution
  65. Half of all humans die at conception.
  66. Law of Biogenesis vs. Evolution
  67. 1 in 300 chance that a 13000-foot asteroid could hit us.
  68. Law of Biogenesis vs. Evolution
  69. Law of Biogenesis vs. Evolution
  70. Law of Biogenesis vs. Evolution
  71. Law of Biogenesis vs. Evolution
  72. Is the USA lagging in stem cell research?
  73. Cosmic Necessity
  74. Odds of Only One Living Planet?
  75. Human Brain Evolution
  76. There were mammalian predators during the Mesozoic era
  77. Tesla's Death Beam
  78. A380 Airbus: Jumbo-er than a Jumbo!
  79. 50 years later - EPA says Teflon may contain toxic chemical
  80. The Age of the Universe
  81. War between Science and Religion?
  82. Prospecting for Energy
  83. Robosoldiers in Iraq.
  84. Chaos Theory and Benford's Law!!??
  85. Animal Language
  86. Conservationism
  87. cox-2 inhibitors. Many deaths??
  88. X-rays reinvented
  89. What came first, Science or Philosophy and why?
  90. Internet Telephony. Good or Bad?
  91. Partially humanized or partially animalized?
  92. T-Rex soft tissue discovered
  93. Split thread: Is cloning dinosaurs possible?
  94. Talking to your remote control
  95. Evidence against Evolution
  96. Solar Sail (silly question)
  97. Evidence against Creation...ism.
  98. Big Bang - 1st miracle?
  99. Sense of smell is linked to sexual orientation
  100. time travel!
  101. Portable MP3 Players.
  102. Evolutionists' mistakes
  103. Applied science
  104. Evidence for Evolution
  105. Totalitarian Agriculture
  106. So uh... what is time anyways?
  107. The Evidences for a Creator
  108. Human Cyborg
  109. Is Natural Selection even debatable?
  110. Evolution and Creation: Mutually Inclusive?
  111. Science offers "proof" of love...
  112. Which is human?
  113. Evidence that points to a conclusion
  114. Why materialism is essential
  115. What does your car smell like?
  116. Arsenic
  117. Z fires objects faster than Earth moves through space
  118. Darwin and equality
  119. Pharmaceutical Crops
  120. Opinion on science
  121. Solar Sails
  122. Deep Impact
  123. Sauron's Great Eye found 25 light years from Earth
  124. 125 things to debate...
  125. In the Beginning...
  126. Evolutionism is the Odd Man Out
  127. Changing the weather
  128. Tropical disease codes cracked
  129. Exploding Cows.
  130. Do you think that humans will continue to evolve, or are we pretty much done?
  131. Technology Brings More Harm Than Good. >does it???<
  132. Time Travel
  133. Creationism VS Evolutionism
  134. Why Doesn't Science Want to Explore Intelligent Design?
  135. Leeches making a comeback in medicine
  136. Coffee is good for you
  137. A car that runs on air
  138. Chimp Genome Mapping Finished
  139. "Human Brains Still Evolving"
  140. "Intelligent" Design applied to other aspects of science
  141. Odds of a Sustainable Universe
  142. The challenge for so-called "micro-evolutionists"
  143. Music as therapy
  144. Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  145. Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option Now?
  146. The Future of Intelligent Design
  147. Why doesn't science want to explore alien design?
  148. If ID is so intelligent...
  149. Water Sparks
  150. IDon't think this is science...
  151. Religion embarks on Science.
  152. Religion backs evolution...
  153. The "limits" of evolution
  154. Behe MUST be related to Bush. The Liar...
  155. Renaming the Moon
  156. MrMeeper's questions regarding evolution
  157. The Mind: a thread inspired by the Soul thread.)
  158. The Blacklight Process
  159. The Age of the Earth
  160. Commercial Space Flights and Tourism
  161. Santa Statistics.
  162. Kent Hovind’s $250,000 Challenge Met
  163. Disposable Video Camera
  164. Scientists keen to find more footprints
  165. T Rex - Warrior or Wimp?
  166. Science just got to weird for me...
  167. USB vs. Firewire
  168. GPS (Governments Personal Spy)
  169. a new atheist to pick on! science versus religion
  170. the nature of knowing a scientific theory and historical period?
  171. New underwater breathing apparatus
  172. iPodes
  173. Brain Pacemakers
  174. More wierd science
  175. Materialism
  176. Random Selection
  177. Cell Phones vs Brain Tumors
  178. Possibility of Interstellar traveling
  179. 10th Planet?
  180. Teleportation
  181. Table top nuclear fusion at room temperature
  182. Light Saber
  183. More Wierd Science (2)
  184. Global Warming (what is it?)
  185. What is this thing?
  186. By-products of evolution?
  187. Portable wi-fi "Hot Spot in a Box"
  188. Transitional fossil?
  189. Microbes
  190. Virtual Earth: Street side
  191. Origami
  192. Altruism and Cooperation
  193. Geysers on Saturn Moon
  194. The Hutchinson Effect
  195. The big bang's 'smoking gun'
  196. Infinity: Not as mysterious as people think
  197. Beyond the dark age of science lies the enlightenment of belief
  198. Is Science Afraid of Ghosts?
  199. Abiogenesis, baby steps
  200. Miracles and Math
  201. An amusing story - gradual evolution
  202. Who invented it?
  203. Seti
  204. Design Inference and SETI
  205. DNA = information?
  206. Into the Singularity
  207. When is progression regression?
  208. Changing Physical Constants
  209. New DARPA Challenge
  210. Sub-conscious knowledge?
  211. At what point do we say enough?
  212. Cobb County GA. Inbred, or what?
  213. Patenting Nature?
  214. Jungle Love, It's Driving Me Mad...
  215. Elimination of 90% of population
  216. Asteroid coming in 2036
  217. Invisibility Cloak
  218. Betting on the Beginning of Time
  219. The 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time
  220. Evidence for Dawkin's Selfish Gene
  221. Alien Life?
  222. Personal Hurricane Kit
  223. Genetically Modified cats?
  224. Inaudible rings tones?
  225. Dangers of Nanotech
  226. Is Bush Stifling Science?
  227. Andes people look back to the future
  228. How the Left is Stifling Science
  229. Vitamin C a cancer cure?
  230. Templeton sponsored study finds prayer to be...
  231. No Two Objects Can Ever Touch
  232. More evidence that homosexuality is influenced by biological factors
  233. Is unlimited energy really something we can grasp?
  234. Mini-Chips
  235. Unlikely, but true ...
  236. Intelligent Design: A Problem of Probabilites
  237. Evo/ID in the classrooms
  238. Designing Suffering
  239. Study in Evolution, We are evolving!
  240. Psilocybin - the 'magic mushroom'
  241. Evolution of a free will
  242. Migrating fish due to global warming
  243. Intelligent Design == ??
  244. Astronomers to vote on new 'planets'
  245. Will this product be effective?
  246. Dark Matter - what is it?
  247. The New Industrial Revolution
  248. Mind over matter - is it a potent medical tool?
  249. WiFi hacking
  250. Would you rather hear or be deaf?