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  1. "lack of belief" vs "no belief" vs "disbelief"
  2. The presence of Evil
  3. Women are better drivers than men
  4. Is it right to punish treason with death?
  5. Patriotism
  6. Are the good people the majority?
  7. The Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist Debate
  8. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is God?
  9. How can an atheist believe in superstitous mambo jambo like Friday the 13th?
  10. Palestinian Statehood
  11. Epicurus
  12. I am the Christian God
  13. Catholic Church attempts to dispel myths about priests and pedophiles
  14. Atheist template examined: God parodies
  15. Dialectic on salvation
  16. Population control in the United States
  17. Populism - a bad thing?
  18. Were Police Officers Justified in Shooting 8th grader Brandishing a Pellet Gun?
  19. Dear GOP
  20. Agriculture as a Means for Suicide.
  21. Conflict in the middle east - should the western world intervene?
  22. You've Been Given "The Power"
  23. The cheeseman of Alcatraz
  24. How many STONES to use.. and other *day-to-day life*-affecting regulations
  25. Are there any economic observations that can be made regarding the Reputation system?
  26. Should Undercover Investigations By Animal Activists Be Criminalized?
  27. On the nature of sin
  28. The Cafe: Supporting arguments
  29. I trained with the Godfather of LSD
  30. Reincarnation
  31. The Only Real Sport Left
  32. Human , man, person
  33. Can you convince an Atheist (me) that there is a God?
  34. Why do we need more taxes?
  35. Children: Parent's How The Heck Do you Handle Them?
  36. A Survey of Medieval and Modern Philosophy
  37. Slow eradication of Liberty - Part I
  38. A Disscussion
  39. Pre-Marital Sex Your Views
  40. God's role for men
  41. Christian Sun Worship
  42. 10 ways to be better at debating
  43. What is love?
  44. Human's Symbol
  45. I, Pet Goat II
  46. Evidence or "Why should I believe it?" - Part 1
  47. Alternative fuel and the choices to make:
  48. GOP AntiScience - what is behind it?
  49. Evidence (Part 2) : Appeals to Authorities (experts)
  50. It Doesn't Matter
  51. why do people believe in a god
  52. Moral Nihilism and Religious Belief
  53. Apple: Technological pretentiousness or the future of electronics?
  54. Is genocide ever acceptable?
  55. Glenn Beck's Non-Violence Pledge
  56. Youtube discussions and debates
  57. Republican race-baiting?
  58. Who do you side with?
  59. Matthew Vines on Homosexuality and the Bible
  60. How much do you love your children?
  61. Most Comprehensive Argument Against God Video i have ever seen
  62. Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago
  63. Romney takes lead in polls
  64. On "varying conclusions" and "miracles"
  65. The Ethical Limits of Hiring Discrimination
  66. Twinkies and Ding Dogs...no more thanks to unions
  67. 300 Hours more School in 2013?
  68. What is Christianity.
  69. Was God in Newtown?
  70. Iran and Nuclear Capability
  71. Religious zealots and pious presences
  72. Questions for HCabret
  73. Did the English Defeat the Spanish Armada Due to Superior Tactics?
  74. Is Aspergers Syndrome Really a Disorder, or a Difference?
  75. We're all puppets drowning in oil
  76. Should philosophy be taught at school alongside religion?
  77. Are science and philosophy complimentary, or at least compatible?
  78. Does god exist?
  79. What is the Issue and Conclusion of an Argument?
  80. Abortion - How to Solve the Controversy?
  81. What are the principles and values of both Socialism and Capitalism?
  82. Debate in the Setting of a Police Stop Re: Firearms Possession (Video included)
  83. 2 issues in the gay marriage debate that I have not seen discussed
  84. Illicit Narcotics
  85. Student Loan Debt: Who is to Blame?
  86. From "a god" to Jesus and the proof of Christianty, version 2013
  87. Territorial Disputes in the South and East China Sea
  88. Peacekeepers need to change
  89. The End of a Military Engagement or War
  90. Do you have free will? Go on, do you?
  91. I'm uncomfortable.
  92. The Objective and Reasoning for Debating.
  93. Obama: for or aganist?
  94. Who Will Be Remembered Over 1500 Years From Now?
  95. Tapping and Tracking
  96. Why were the U.S. hostages in Iran released upon Reagan's inauguration?
  97. Are reference books still a good thing to have in your home?
  98. How Far Does Freedom and Control Over Your Property Extend?
  99. The Likelihood that Justice Can Be Done.
  100. Mind Trapped by: Obama's False Scandals charge
  101. Who knows?
  102. Please help me with my proverb essay
  103. The reality of Obamacare Democrats can't afford you to see
  104. Same-Sex marriage is bad for the Children!!!
  105. Is Revolution part of democracy?
  106. Phelps is dead
  107. BLM Stands Down
  108. Judicial Activism - Gay Marriage and the Most Conservative State in the Union
  109. Newcomb's Problem