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August 21st, 2008, 06:16 AM

Barrack Obama has distanced himself from non-repentant weatherunderground terrorist Bill Ayres. Obama has claimed that he has never known Ayres well.

However documents that will probably show Obama is flat-out lying about his relationsuhip with Ayres; that his relationship with Ayres was in fact a very close one, have gone missing.

Stanley Kurtz of National Review has written an article that shows Obama these statements to be flat-out lies. Obama and Ayres worked as partners in a very small group -- the Chicago Annenberg Foundation for at leat five years.

There is also evidence that the $110 million they received in grant from the Annenberg Foundation, targetted at education -- might very well have been doled out to liberal socialist political groups a la Vista scandal of the 1980s.

over 90 boxes of documents from the Chicago foundation were previously housed at the Library of the University of Illinois Chicago. Kurtz made arrangement to go study those documents with the Library. The day he was leaving for Chicago, he was told those documents are no longer available.

No one is saying where those documents are.

Obama refuses to release them.

Those documents are strongly believed to show that Ayres and Obama were in fact very close comrades in radical socialist Hyde Park Illinois Democrat machine politics. -- besides just showing that Obama has lied about his relationship with a well-known terrorist.

Watch as this story develops.

August 26th, 2008, 02:42 AM
This type of scandalous behavior by Obama is why my signature is the way it is.