View Full Version : Europen gas problem January 2009

January 7th, 2009, 11:15 AM

It seems that Ukraine has shut down gas supplies to Europe due to unpaid bills. If the bills are unpaid they should be paide quickly as people ned their gas. If they want more money than they are getting and have hiked the prices then that is their own preogative. If the gas companies - the cutomers - cannot pay for the gas then they shouldn't be recieving the gas, so, I ask where the money has gone.

if you are a gas company then you get paid afterwards for your gas. If you want to cut supply because of unpaid bills then you can do so, although it is a clear act of nastiness. If you owe money to the state you still recieve services. That is probably the case in Eurasia I am sure, so if it was the state doing this they could run into the red and still be providing gas charging interest as you go along. I mean the gas companies are established well and should not be withholding funds - what do they have to gain? If they thought that Ukraine would stil be supplying gas to people regardless of what they did, then they were mistaken.

So where is the problem? Is it a clear case of consumer disregard as they hike prices to a higher degree? Has the gas comapny let their customers down by not paying the bills? I can only assume that due to the necessity of this all records be gone over with a fine tooth comb by the state - as people will complian to the state - and then they see that all bills are paid, quickly. If they find that there has been a price hike then Ukraine is liable for price fixing and should be held for damages from this event.

But who has authority or responsibility here? It should be the government of Ukraine checking the details, and if they find that their people are doing wrong then they should deal with them appropriately. If they are approached by the Europen Union then I am sure they will have incentive as if this pipeline goes then many people will lost their jobs and ohters will be without oil for purposes unto themselves. So, it is the European Union's problem, and they should make it a Ukrainian problem, and the Ukrainians should act out of interest for continued money making.

Nobody wants the pipeline shut ultimately, so I suggest the appropriate actions are made by the powers that be, and courts if necessary.