View Full Version : Reality!

March 14th, 2005, 07:37 PM

Welcome to reality!
Stop living in your fantasy world...
Your ignorant and vain to see how great this is...
There are problems to be had, and peoples death to see...
But you seems to stranded, and look at me ignorantly,
WHAT?! is your problem!
I said with a gasp...
"Your just being negative" he stated right back.
Don't you tell me you do not see!
Death and black that has come to this land...
And yet you stand there, with that smirk on your face,
Donít turn around, imp not done with you yet!

See that smoke pilling above?
See that graveyard, just on the curve...
See the tobacco company, selling its drugs?
See that man... transmuting bugs...
See that car, it just crashed,
See that idiot? he will never amount...
See those people, they walk like nothing is coming.
See that house? its being burnt down
See that news? That guy just got shot...
See that man, he raped one girl...
SEE THE WORLD! Open your eyes...

My dear friend said with a grin,
"You have proved nothing to change my mind,"
"There is hope in this world, and you cannot see,
"Blinded by smoke, and corruptíe
"You think to much,
"You walk to strong,
"Youíre far to sure of yourself
"I call it vain
"I donít like the way you talk, about people this way,
"And I will make sure you never forget this day,
"Two man walking to that store,
"Blind man trying to get home?
"There is the two men, helping along,
" Twenty two million dollars this man has giving
" To help the sick and needy
"Wake up my dear friend...
I said, with an angered remark
You are still missing the full picture you see,
That blind man was murdered two days later,
See thus two men? They BOMBED, that shelter...
One country locked in thousands of years of death,
I will say one more time, with my final breath!

Black, Cloud, Death, Smoke, Killing, Murder, Rape, Pope, Homicide, War, Fire, Liar, Building, Boom, Race, Trace, Girl, Sex, Porn, Forbidden, Strip, Gambling, Sin, Mirror, AIDS, Graveyard...

"my friend yelled in a stir!
"Let me tell you one more you cur!

Light, Church, Hope, Nation, Life, Creation, Food, Animals, Praise, Blind, Needy, Help, Money, Gold, Gems, Unification, Golf, Sports, Sunset, God..."

Then we stand at a crossroads my dear friend,
One more word, and I will let it end,