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April 21st, 2005, 11:24 AM
Hey, these are the readings I wrote for my wedding to be read during the ceremony by friends of ours. Just looking for some feedback. We are having an ocean theme, so that is why the ocean is referenced so much. Thanks!

Reading One

God gave us one gift,
Whispering from waving tree tops on sun-filled spring days,
Permeating from the delicate petals of pastel-colored flowers,
Fluttering from whimsical wings of carefree butterflies
Tingling from radiant sun-rays on warmed shoulders

God gave us one gift,
Lingering from the luminescent glow of the October full moon,
Resonating from white ripples of the midnight blue sea,
Sparkling from the menagerie of a star-kissed sky

God gave us one gift,
Emanating from the comforting embrace of cherished friends,
Illuminating from the happy laughter of a light-haired little girl,
Springing from the first tender kiss of two newly wed souls

God gave us one gift,
Preaching from the mount for the meek and the poor
Imploring from His heart for the forgiveness of us all
Dying on a hard wooden cross for our blessing of life

God gave us one gift…and the gift is Love.


Reading Two

The ocean cares for all lost things. She keeps sunken ships that were majestic in their time hidden in the deepest waters, in caverns where human hands can not disturb their well-deserved peaceful rest. She keeps their treasures, too, because what is a ship without her own treasure?

If two lovers could be possessions of the sea, let them each be one half of the same oyster’s shell. It may be the most ordinary of all sea shells, certainly not the most colorful or unique. But when the two halves of the oyster’s shell open themselves up, they embrace a tiny grain of sand. Then, when the two halves bond themselves to each other to become one, something otherwise ordinary becomes extraordinary. With time, perseverance, and God’s grace, a pearl is born. Only when the pearl is perfected, will the shell open to display its splendid creation in all of its beauty.

Today, two people open themselves up, not only to show their love to all those gathered here, but to share their love with each one of you; so that you all may know the time, the care, and the commitment they have for each other. With God’s guiding hands, they found each other and embraced His gift. With God’s blessing, they will remain one for all of their days. And with God’s love, their love will be extraordinary.

April 21st, 2005, 12:04 PM
Hey HL - good luck with your wedding and married life!

I thought the readings were great! I would change one little thing though, the last line of Reading One grated with me slightly - "God gave us one gift…and the gift is Love."

I thought of two possible changes, first was just leave it as "God gave us one gift" and leave it to the audience to work out it was love, just gives it a bit of an edge I guess. Only downside would be whether its abit ambiguous after you reference to Jesus in the line before.

Second possibility gets rid of that ambiguity and reads "God gave us love", I felt by ending on that short line just made it a bit more powefull.

Anyway it's up to you, I thought they were great without any changes anyway. Good Luck!!!

Mr. Hyde
April 21st, 2005, 12:50 PM
I loved the end of reading one, "God gave us one gift...the gift is love" And reading two was pretty cool too.

January 4th, 2007, 06:46 PM
I love the ocean...what an awesome place to be married. Just browsing through the writing forum and stumbled across this.

Some of the best memories of my life were made at the ocean with Hyde.