View Full Version : Rebirth of friendship over a grave.

Mr. Hyde
April 22nd, 2005, 11:18 AM
Diametrically opposed,
Two friends no longer juxtaposed.
Pure intents gone on a graveyard plot
Here they stand, and all's for naught.

Quiet and strong, was young And-rew
Barked more than Bite, was Eric too.
Lying six feet down was Keith's bod.
Tears they'd shed from a subtle nod.

What was new at once, was no longer
They'd force their will, and grow stronger.
Learning from the Friend's mistake
they'd found the meaning of Give and Take.

Keith's last words, their lives did save.
"Bury me, in a Shallow grave."
Not too far down for the Lord to touch
yet not so shallow, for Necro love.

No longer so opposed.
No longer juxtaposed.
Two friend grieve for one friend lost.
One friend gone, for two friends crossed.