View Full Version : Character Comparison.

Mr. Hyde
August 3rd, 2005, 02:28 PM
Loads of tests. Here's some of my results.

Which Bond Baddie are you? (http://uk.tickle.com/test/bondmale/start.html)

It scored me as Elliot Carver whoever that is. I'd rather be the Sean Bean villain from "Goldeneye" or something. I dunno, Carver wasn't involved with Spectre was he? Cause I do NOT want be characterised as a villain associated with that half cocked group.

Da Vinci Code Character Test. (http://www.allthetests.com/quiz15/quizpu.php?testid=1122738591)

It ranked me as "Robert Langdon" who is to be played by Tom Hanks.

Tim Burton Characters. (http://www.allthetests.com/quiz14/quizpu.php?testid=1120915716)

It ranked me as Ichabod Crane as played by Johnny Depp.

So who are you? You have to register, but it's like a thirty second deal as far as taking time to do.