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August 8th, 2005, 01:14 AM
There is nothing truly significant when I bring myself upon to the platform, what you see is what you get. I'm a man who doesn't compromise very easily, and I will speak my mind without shame.

My name is David Velez, brought up by a Puerto Rican dad and my mother who is from Nicaragua. Both of my families derived from Spaniards, and both have a very different histories. My general upbringing is basically simple, I was brought up by very conservative, pentecostal christians, a family very firm in their beliefs. Out of my entire family, I'm probably the most open minded.

Around my friends, I'm very open and outgoing. When it comes to opinions, I do not sugar-coat my opinions for anyone, I'm not ashamed to be very honest with people. My beliefs and convictions are very strong, but I'm also one who will listen to anyone, despite their beliefs.

To be honest, my life has been a series of failures and shortcomings, full of mistakes and just misfortune. As far as my "accomplishments," there is very little to tell. In highschool, I was Drill Team Commander and Cadet Command Sergeant Major of the JROTC program, started the first spinning drill team in my school's history. Dispite this break-through, none of my efforts were recognized in any fashion or form. Perhaps through my years, I have developed a very blunt attitude. My own life is confusing to me, I'm still trying to figure out myself, a mystery even onto me. It seems to me, that my own friends know more about me than I do, quite shameful to be honest. I'm hopeful of the future, determined (or perhaps forcing myself) to have a new outlook in life. My life is basically a full book of questions, all of which have led me to the end of a question mark.

I'm not a very materialist person, I have no weakness for money. I don't find pleasure in many things, I see things as generally boring and very unoriginal. I can find happiness in small things, such as walking in a park, talking with friends and family, staring into the sky at night, writing down my thoughts, stupid little things that may seem very insignificant to others. I can laugh at just about anything, I have a good sense of humor I think. I like the fact that I'm different than the mindset of others, I tend to hate the flow of society, finding popularity very dull.

In the world of girls, for the first time in my life, I have no crush at all. I'm surrounded by them, I know many, but for some odd reason, I don't feel anything special. Now don't get me wrong, I love girls, ohhhh yes I do. I can seriously ask out a girl right now if I wanted to, and I'm very sure that some that I know would say yes. I just don't know. I don't measure beauty from the outside, I have always found that very decieving, and honestly find people pathetically stupid to think the perfect girl is the perfect model. I measure by beauty from the inside, what I look for in a girl is their self integrity, and a bit of mystery. But it seems to me, now a days, girls practically throw themselves into guy's laps. No mystery, no self worth, and a sugar-coated form of love. I think the meaning of love has been degraded GREATLY, and shamefully. It is a rare thing to see a girl that doesn't get tugged by the end of a line. As for the guys, I think today's society has bred a corrupt society of guys. It makes me sick how people abuse their bodies for something they don't even understand. In my lifetime, I have found ONE girl that I really did like. I found more interest in girls that don't talk much. Why I am talking about this? I don't know.


I love being independent, I love to help, and I love life with the freedoms that were given to me. Who am I? Can it be defined? What am I? What future lies ahead of me?

I don't know, you figure it out.

August 8th, 2005, 08:27 AM
Nice to meet you Shadow. You aren't going to start up another "I'm Gay" Thread soon are ya? Just kidding..Anyway I know you are saving those precious ears of yours for me...

August 11th, 2005, 03:38 PM
Nice to meet you Shadow. You aren't going to start up another "I'm Gay" Thread soon are ya? Just kidding..Anyway I know you are saving those precious ears of yours for me...

of course.

And as soon as I get a camera, I'll make a Gay Stores literally 2 :)