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Mr. Hyde
October 28th, 2005, 08:38 PM
Standing at a little over sevent foot and looking like a scarecrow, the beast lurches forward as Devin screams, "THE CROSS ISN'T WORKING!" It reaches out and wraps its spider-like fingers around his arm and heaves him against the far wall like a light ragdoll. He crashes against through the delapidated boards and plaster and collapses on the floor. I'm reaching for the shotgun with one arm while I clutch my ribs with the other. And for the first time, I'm beginning to get scared.

The beast moves through the shadows and the rays of moonlight flashing through bullet holes and the busted walls and ceiling and I draw the gun near me just in time to squeeze of a shot. My ribs pop and I cough as I brace and fire. He bucks back and groans before laughing. "Not this time, Jack." he scoffs as he reaches forth and snatches the boom stick away. He slings it behind him and the glass explodes outward as the gun flies off into the night.

My left hand back on my ribs, I draw my .45 and squeeze off a few rounds while scooting back against the open doorway. "You thought you had me in Wall. But we're not in South Dakota this time. It's not daytime, and I'm not restrained." My eyes go wide as I feel my back against the wall in the hall as he closes in on me ducking through the door way. Shot after shot he towers over me before slapping the gun away. His fingers circle on my neck like a round vise and he lift me into the air. My whole body almost limp I wrap my arms over his forearm and hold on just so my neck doesn't break.

"Oh I've wanted this to happen for a year." He breathes as he squeezes down. Not too hard, but hard enough to let me know he's enjoying it. Jennifer is gone. Devin is out cold. Teach is dead. And I'm staring into the cold yellow eyes of the one responsible, and it's all my fault. I let him live. I was too weak. Now I'm facing the price for my sins. I lower a hand and reach for the punch knife on my belt buckle. It's been soaked in holy water I slam it into his underarm. He howls and drops me. THe blade sticking in his arm he snatches it out and sticks it in the floor.

Then he lifts me and shoves me through the wall into the next room. The floor collapses and we fall. I land through a coffee table and he crashes through the floor into the basement. I fall down with him. It's pitch black and all I can detail are his yellow eyes. Two empty golden beads floating around. I can barely move. Barely breathe. "Where are yooooooou?" I thank God he can't see me and move as quietly as possible to my feet. Clinching my fists I swing hard at the eyes and feel cold decayed skin smack against my knuckles as he reels back and laughs.

I hear the wind off his fist move and smash me in the back. Then his foot crushes into my gut like a sledgehammer. And I'm out......when I come to it's daylight. I'm still in the basement and he's gone. Devin is gone as well. And I'm alone....again. But he's left me a note in blood on the walls.

It ends where it began.

October 28th, 2005, 09:15 PM
:chin dropped: My gosh......how do you come up with this stuff?

/\ Encore!