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Mr. Hyde
November 6th, 2005, 03:49 PM
He paces the room slowly. The barrel of his gun sliding across the wooden table. He presses it hard as it slides and the sight digs into the wood pealing it up in little strips as he talks. "Ya know what fear is?" he asks. He stops and stares at David, bound in a chair and bleeding on his suit. Just an hour earlier he was the cat's meow and now he's just a shell. "Fear," he continues, "Is the byproduct of possession. What you have, you're afraid of losing. If you have nothing, you can't fear anything."

David tongues a tooth into his cheek and spits it out on the floor in a wet little gob of slobber and blood. The man goes on. "We've all got, or had something. Money, power, love, whatever. We have it or had it and we're afraid of losing it." David works his jaw loose and says, "Then...what are you taking from me?" "Ignorance. It's a neat little thing. Everyone has it at some point, but no one really knows it, so no one is afraid of losing it until they've lost it. When we're educated, we beg for our ignorance. Knowledge is to Ignorance as Misery is to Bliss."

The door opens and a bright light peaks through. The shadows cast long across the floor all the way to my feet and I watch as Michael enters with a woman and a large brown envelope. "Ya know what this is?" the man asks David. He looks at her as Michael opens the envelope and shows him every photo. Every transcript of every phone call and every copy of every email. "This," he says, "Is the truth. Now ask yourself...who loves you more? The people in these calls and photos? Or the man with the gun showing it to you?"

I uncross my arms and walk out of the corner. I scoop up everything and stuff it into the envelope and set a lighter on the table next to a knife. "You can do one of two things, David." He says. Michael stands next to her, just as scared. But he's not afraid of me or the man. He continues, "Forgive them, and all evidence is burned. But you, her, Michael, none of you will have the same relationship. Don't forgive them...and we kill them."

"Why?" David asks. "Because that's how it works. That's how it always works. Principle Justice." I slide the top of the zippo back and ignite it. Set it down and hold the edge of the envelope over until it starts to burn. "What's it gonna be David?" I ask. "Killing them doesn't solve anything." he replies. The man smiles and cocks back the hammer. "It solves the problem of whether or not they'll ever do it again."

Holding up the envelope I use the flame to light a cigarette. The room is twice as dark behind my sunglasses. But the light hurts my eyes anyways. David stares at me and asks, "Why are you helping him do this?" I tilt my head down and wink. "You know where my loyalties lie." He glances back confused and then says to the man, "I forgive them." The envelope keeps burning as I snatch it up and sling it at the man with the gun.

He twists back and fires. It feels like a hard punch in my gut I grab the knife. The swaying light in the room glints off the blade as I step forward. "What the hell!?" he shrieks as I lurch forth. There's resistance. THen a barely audible slit and pop as the point works through and the edge works inside. I grab a fist full of his hair and breathe into his ear, "Bullet proof vest." before I shove him back on the floor.

I untie David and he stands up and picks up the gun. There's five bullets left and he looks at me nervously and then looks at the woman and Michael. "Do whatever you feel is right." I say. He opens it and hands me four bullets. "I'll only need one." he tells me. I smile and pocket the shells. Then I close the door behind me on my way out.

Implications and insinuations. A traitor, the man, or himself. Who to choose? Who to choose?