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Mr. Hyde
January 2nd, 2006, 08:07 PM
The music's loud enough to drown out the luftwaffe and the smell of fireworks and colitas pervades the entire house. Everyone's drinking and having a good time. On the lawn and the porch the sky lights up with mortars and black cats and wild toms and roman candles. Bottle rockets and wizz poppers, hoosker do's, hoosker don'ts. No one has those little snakes. But those suck as bad as candy corn.

Inside Matt and his friends are bumming smokes and everyone's breaking the ones they bum and gluing or taping them back together and making the little fundless teens smoke. It gets a little out of control inside and some guy, in a fit of spasmatic joy, punches a hole in the plaster wall. Chris is on the porch snapping the stems off bottle rockets and dropping them in Brad's back pocket and watching them explode...and Brad's too drunk to figure any of it out.

It's the sort of carefree night that you expect with a year's worth of tension built up. One explosive night where everyone lets loose and the world celebrates. Then you wake up the next day with a hangover from hell and start working towards the next new year's party. I'm at home half lit when I get the call. "Merrik, this is David, I'm in some deep **** man and I need your help."

The thing about David is, he doesn't know when to stop talking. So a lot of times, like tonight for instance, he has a habit of letting his mouth talk his ass into stirring up trouble where trouble doesn't need to be stirred. On this occasion, his mouth has sweet talked a girl his ass has bedded down with, and now her boyfriend, three of his friends, and her older brother, are all trying to get up on the roof where David fending them off with a hammer and some beer bottles.

When I get there the party is calming down and a nice sense of fear and excitement is setting in. Half the people there are wondering when the cops are gonna be called. The other half are placing bets on how bad David'll get beat before the cops stop it. Me, I'm wondering whether or not they're drunk enough for a warning shot to scare them.

Caroline, the girl he was with, she's not saying a word. Instead, she's hanging on some guy already working towards her next screw while I'm stuck bailing him out of trouble. So I load two shells, **** the shotgun, and load the third. I take a steady aim leaning on the car for support. And try for a moment to figure out which one of the two versions of her older brother I should fire near.

I go with the one on the right, blow a few shingles off the roof and he leaps off the ladder screaming. I dump the empy shell and **** it again. Everyone stops and stares. I put another shot near their feet. **** and aim. This time, I aim dead square between the double of her boyfriend. If I have to, I'll shoot one of the two of him.

David inches down off the roof and I stop him half way. "Look,"I say, "I've got a lot of drinking to get back to, and my girlfriend is waiting at home probably starting something by herself I shouldn't miss. If you're gonna whip his ass, do it one at a time."

I empty the shell and set the gun in the backseat. Before I get in the car I point to Caroline and tell her boyfriend, "You might wanna think about what she's doing right now before you take care of what she was doing a few minutes ago."

I climb in the car and ease out of the driveway. David takes off faster than a black man at a Klan rally and the older brother tackles him onto the hood of my car. It dents in and I throw the car in park. I pull out my cell phone and call Michelle. "Baby I'm gonna be a little late. I'm sorry and I'll make it up to you."

I step out and walk around behind the brother. I kick his testicles like I'm on the Special Team at the start of the Superbowl. He moan and bends down, and I plant my foot in his chin. Reaching in the car I take out the shotgun, reload that last shell and look for his car, which isn't hard to find since it's the one with the highschool team colors done in stripes down the sides. I blow a hole in his windshield and hop back in the car. I lean out the window and tell David, "You call me one more time for something like this, and I'LL kick your ass."

When I get back Michelle is there, in her nightie and sitting on the edge of the seat, worried sick and hornier than a sailor on shore leave. "Oh my god baby what happened!?" I shake my head and wrap my arms around. Pull her tight against me and kiss her. Then whisper in her ear, "Nothing that's gonna stop tonight."

January 2nd, 2006, 08:14 PM
You still got it baby!;) THAT WAS FREAKING GREAT!!!