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March 13th, 2006, 10:19 AM
Aside from the JFK 'conspiracy theories', are there any examples of serious conspiracies against the US constitution in 'recent' times?

British Prime Minister Harold Wilson possibly came close to being a casualty of a military coup plot. It almost certainly would not have succeeded in the long run, but it could have been short and bloody affair:

'Harold Wilson's belief that he was the victim of a secret service plot to discredit him is well documented.

Wilson believed MI5 were plotting against him.

But new revelations in BBC drama documentary The Plot Against Harold Wilson, to be broadcast next Thursday, suggest the Labour prime minister was also convinced he was the target of plans to stage a military coup - and that the Royal Family backed it.

The story sounds barely credible - a sign, perhaps, that Wilson was suffering from paranoia - but it is backed up by corroborating interviews with other senior figures from the time.

The then BBC journalist Barrie Penrose has outlined some of the detail of the new evidence in an article in this week's Radio Times.

He stresses the need to bear in mind the backdrop to the alleged plots, telling the magazine: "Our establishment, from the intelligence services down to parts of Fleet Street, were paranoid about the threat of communism. So paranoid as it seems, they were prepared to believe a prime minister of Britain was an active Soviet spy."


March 13th, 2006, 10:38 AM
He looks like a Russian spy to me


"Unbeknown to Wilson, Courtiour and I secretly recorded many of our meetings with him, almost always conducted at his Georgian house at 5 Lord North Street, close to the House of Commons," Penrose says. "The cumbersome machine was smuggled into his study in a briefcase carried by Courtiour. Over a period of nine months we accumulated hours of tape recordings. Those tapes have, since then, remained untouched in the loft of my Kent home and at Courtiour's London home."

If he was a spy, wouldn't he have known about the taping of his conversations? Could he have been that incompetant? The one with the briefcase sounds more like the spy to me.

March 13th, 2006, 09:59 PM
He couldn't have been a spy 'cos he was hetero and he went to Oxford for his first class honours degree and the Soviet agents at the time were being recuited among the ranks of the 'gay' students at Cambridge :yes:

Indeed, a lot of the paranoia in the ranks of MI5 stemmed from the damage done by the 'Cambridge Spy Ring':