View Full Version : Whistle P. Bones and the Odious Nocturne.

Mr. Hyde
April 6th, 2006, 08:59 PM
I really like this character. There's just somethng about a skeleton hero that interests me. I have the other story sitting in my computer somewhere collecting digital dust, so I thought I'd toss out a different story while I think of how to progress the other.

The bed sheets shift and slide off his frame as Whistle arises to greet the day. He groans and rolls over to grab a pack of cigarettes from his dresser. He lights it, and grips the cigarette with his teeth as he pulls his pants on. He stares in the mirror, still not comfortable with his body, and says grimly, "You're an asshole." Then he buttons his shirt and drags a long coat onto himself. Wrapping the belt around his waist and tieing the holster to his thigh as he drops the revolver into it. His hat, cowboy in nature, flips onto his head easily, and when he looks in the mirror again, he almost feels like his old self. "Man those were the days" he says as he grins.

Miranda rolls over in the bed and glares affectionately at him. "Where ya goin baby?" she asks. "Just gonna take a peek around the Endless Eternal and see if I can get some target practice in. Shouldn't be too long." "Why?" she asks. "I don't want to get rusty." he answers. She sits up, her body heavenly appearing as the ever present morning sun shines past her, and she says, "Babe...you don't get 'rusty'. I mean, it wasn't too long ago you were practically legendary." He nods and says to her as he steps out, "Different man back then babe. Different man."

The streets are all but empty. And he hears Miranda trot lightly to the Lucretia Tavern, her slice of Heaven that she owns and operates. The gates open at the far edge and Whistle steps into the barrier city of Filizia. Though, he never really understood why it was called a city. It was really just a guard station of sorts. He walks forward and Uriel is standing with a few Saraphim. He waves them away and spots Whistle. "Well look what just came out of the closet" he says laughingly.

Whistle stops momentarily and cocks his head towards Uriel. "They demote you after that embarassing display in front of Metatron?" Uriel walks forward and grits his teeth. "It was a cheap shot. You stabbed me in the back." "Is that an excuse I'm hearing? From you? Mr. 'take no prisoners'?" Uriel reaches at his waist and grips the sword by it's handle and stares almost through Whistle. "I had you. I had you and I showed mercy." "Your mistake. Not mine" Whistle replies calmly.

Stretched before them, just past the final gate, is the Endless Eternal. A wasteland of devoid of all but lost souls and the ethereal reavers. Creatures likened to a crimson skeleton with horns and fangs that feast on the departed. Nothing constituting a threat to anyone in Filizia. And while Whistle hates lying to Miranda, he knows if he said to her, "I'm going to meet my former boss" she'd probably try to stop him. Then again, she always knew when he was lying. So her lack of stopping him, and her going along with his lie was throwing him off a bit.