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May 27th, 2006, 09:56 PM
He giggled. The fires burned high, the city roasting in it's own decadance. The sirens would blare, the people scream, but no monsters would ever be slain. That time was past. The night had come long ago, but the pale moon, as though drawn closer to see the destruction of this great abomination, was huge. Silent and watchful.
How long had it been? Long enough; the bodies stank up here. Deeper, more clearly, he could remember the great spasming gasp of authority, but they succeeded only in destroying what remained of the green. Now even the expanse was dying. These great heighs of steel and glass, aflame and alive with the sounds of death. The throbbing of helicopters sounded overhead, and in his little tower, high above the choas, it was all he could do to not fall over laughing when the GENIOUS hands of the blackened killers opened up on the last operating UN strongholds. Kicking a leg over the edge of the blown out wall, the limb fell silently, and he took final stoke at all they had wrought. They had broken it all, chained and blown up everything green or free, for this, to satisfy there hedonism.
The searchlights meandered haphazardly across the sky, before finding the two stealthy helicopters. The repititive barking of the guns in response attracted the attention of the whole city. Sitting down agian, legs over the edge of the hole in the wale, he sighed and gave up. They had hunted down every free land, every higher or nobler place, and dragged it into the expanse. There was no where he could go that was not suffering the same fate. Why not watch? Although the corpses huddled in the corner where starting to turn.
The mobs rushed the stronghold gates, for whatever reason mobs do anything. They screeched and yelled, and died in an animalisitic fury. But soon the walls collapsed, and the bullets ran dry, and even the UN soldiers gave in to the savagery. Like a flood, the people washed over the once-tyrannical fortresses, and turned agianst each other. Teeth, nails, glass and rocks, in a great surge of pure, uncontrolled aggression.

The helicopters returned. They made quick work of the bunched together masses. And when they left, there was only a soft breeze. Upon the tallest ruin, he could almost see where once a great mountian had stood. Atop it had been a peaceful people. But they grew bored, and restless, and where assimilated by the expanse. The rustling of the his clothes was the only sound for hours, before a great cacophony of perpetual rumbling nearly sent him through the clouds beneath his outstretched feet. The automated missiles flew high, aimed at another part of the expanse, from where the helicopters had come.