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  1. well, thoughtfulness is the future! thank you for the link, I'll read it when I get a chance. I'll also try and reply to the thread again with my ideas.
  2. Thanks, a very thoughtful response. I gave this link to sig and didn't post it in the thread... it's a good read on some of the ideas in the thread.
  3. no problem! you deserved it for your persistence in providing so many analogies and examples to try and help illustrate your point. and although I may not agree with the main argument, I admire your conviction.
    as for the ultimate outcome, however, I believe that the debate will fail to come to any convincing outcome in terms of one side winning over the other, and we'll simply have to agree to disagree about what the terms mean until any conclusive evidence is produced in favour of one definition over the other.
  4. thanks for the rep! As you are from the future, maybe you can give me a hint as to the ultimate outcome? Do I ever get my point across?
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