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  1. Hey dude, you still around?
  2. Yeah, will be for another three years. How's life on the plain?
  3. Are you still in school? I've been busy. Being anti-social takes a lot out of a person
  4. Hey. I've been, sort of just moving along through life at an ever increasing pace it would seem. You?
  5. Hey there! I stop by when I remember to. But with my goldfish memory...that's very seldom, indeed. How have you been?
  6. lol, haven't seen you around here in a long time. Thought that I'd say "Hi".
  7. So, is your head getting ready to explode yet? I can't imagine everything you are learning. You've always been so freaking smart. I was telling my husband about you already being in grad school. I told him, I remember you being a senior in HS. He said "well, he's got to grow up" I said "yeah, but, that means I'm getting older!". So, use your mega brain to invent a way that you can get older....but, I won't.
  8. We are in Vegas now. I hate it. It sucks. BIG time. Rockabilly is more...retro 50's style with a twist. The movie, Crybaby is a good example. I make pinup dresses, Victorian dresses, petticoats, necklaces, etc. I just started a couple of months ago..but, it's going pretty well. That's the ONLY good thing about's got a HUGE Rockabilly subculture. Every year, they have Viva Las Vegas..a get together at the Orleans casino. People from all over the world come. Then, I go to Bat's Day at Disneyland in May. It's a gothic weekend. It's alot of fun. Me and a friend go in full Victorian Gothic dress. Petticoats, bustles, canes, parasols, top hats. Haha.
  9. Grad school's good --it mediates between super-shitty and super-awesome. I know a lot of physics... And I need to know a lot more...

    Otherwise, life is going. Rockabilly clothing? From the wiki-search they look like a bunch of hipsters that are getting "ironic" with jean jackets lol. Where're you living now?
  10. Oh good grief! You're in grad school?! Wow...thanks for making me feel old. were like, just in high school. ~sniffle~ My little flying monkey is all grown up. I've been good. Hate the freaking sucks out here. I'm trying to start my own business...making rockabilly and Victorian Gothic clothing and accessories. Going pretty good so far. How's It hurts to type that. Must be my arthritis. lol. What's going on besides that?
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