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  1. I know you are on my FB. I am much more active there though. These days it just makes me sad though. Too much negativity there....
  2. I actually have you on my facebook some how Always interesting to catch a few of your posts.
  3. Pleasure! I am missing ODN sometimes.
  4. Thanks for the rep. Good to see you around
  5. Thanks for the rep! I totally forgot about that thread though.
  6. Haha don't tell your wife.... I see you are very careful...
  7. O NO!.. We love women.. Just ask Dio, he will tell you he loves women as well. I mean, granted the alternative isn't very attractive at all, but that isn't a knock women at all. The point, we love women, and sometimes our love is expressed in ways that you guys may perceive as "Making fun". In reality it is just man talk for how much we love women. .. honest. ... O and, don't tell my wife.
  8. Are you and Dio making fun of women!??? I am going to tell your wife! grrrr
  9. haha, I will see what I can do
  10. Quote Originally Posted by ASPO
    Nah, I still enjoy running around in only my zebra skin outfit,
    Challenge to support a claim.
    Support with some sort of evidence that you ever wear a zebra skin outfit.

    I'm sorry I couldn't resist.
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