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  1. Lol sorry I don't get email notificationa on this anymore. How you been what's new?
  2. Hello out there!
  3. I know, you don't need to tell me. I live with me everyday.
  4. you're boring.
  5. Can't do that. Been busy, haven't logged on since... probably August... I don't know. What year is this?
  6. And, I finally saw what you wrote on Mindtrap's page! I AM NOT A CRAZY CAT LADY! I'm....a mentally challenged female who happens to love felines. Pfft.
  7. Hey! Clean out your inbox once in a while, would ya?
  8. Yeah, it's one of those things where you're automatically enrolled. Oh, and there's no cancellation. Sorry. Now, dance monkey, dance!
  9. I didn't sign any contract...
  10. Yes, I have a husband...and I aggravate him to the point of no return and then I look to spread my talent. You're on the list. Your name came get annoyed.
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