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  1. Thank you for your vote of confidence/like once again!

  2. Yes, a "like" or "thanks" both contribute positively to your reputation. We used to have a negative reputation option but it always devolved into wars so we removed it.
  3. (That misunderstanding is in reference to my reputation, or the points system)
  4. I'm not understanding what is happening, but a 'like' is always a good reaction to a post.
  5. Thank you for your support!
  6. Thanks for the support!
  7. It is a great way to not only make others think about what is important, but it helps me to think about my faith and hopeful points to God.
  8. No problem, you are creating great posts, especially from someone so new! Great to read such well thought out work.
  9. Thank you for the support on the two threads!

  10. Thanks for your support in the Objective vs. Subjective Argument post!

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