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  1. My misinterpretation on this site probably comes from Factpile, were things are immediatly understood. I still havn't fully adjusted to this site yet.
  2. Then maybe it's just your wording.... Perhaps if you had said something like, "I haven't yet encountered a consistent argument as to why X is true." rather than being as confrontational as "I fail to see where X is true" as if someone had asserted that X is true. Again, it's all about perception of the reader, and I get the impression you're trying to counter an argument that I don't think has been made, or at the very least certainly wasn't made by Talthas.
  3. Well in the first part you read that I am informing him that the oil rig is long gone. Then I go on to very briefly go over my more recent survival strategy and try to get either him or someone else to point out exact flaws within it.
  4. Post 43. I don't see anything in Talthas' post that you would have been referencing in your post #43. Specifically where you state " I fail to see how my plan is unrealistic." I fail to see where Talthas (the poster just before you) suggests that your plan is at all unrealistic, much less addresses anything you've posted in that thread. This is why *I* am confused, and I'm sure Talthas would be when he read it as well.
  5. I thought Mindtrap's post was directly behind mine. Mine started a new page, so unless someone posted while I was writing my reply. Are we talking about the list of questions? Or my most recent post? The more recent one is just asking people to explian to me the problems in my plan so I can work them out or re-explain things.
  6. You specifically made an accusation, one of which I believe applied only to Mindtrap. Unless you delineate who you're talking to... Everyone will assume the accusation is intended to be against them, individually. In this thread this might not be as big of a deal, but in debate threads, it's not a good idea. If you're directing your reply to or even if you're only referencing a specific post, it is a good idea to quote it, unless you are replying to the person who replied directly before you... which, in this case, you don't appear to be.

    Does that make more sense?
  7. Ok, but my questions were not only directed at Mindtrap, but at anyone else also if they choose to answer them.
  8. In the zombie apocalypse thread... I just read back and saw that you were replying to Mindtrap. Might I suggest that you actually quote him in your reply so that Talthas doesn't think you're questioning a part of his reply?

    Just a suggestion. I think it might head off some confusion.
  9. Not really too interested, I was just checking out all the other groups.
  10. I see you're eyeballing my social group. Find anything interesting? I think my positions have change somewhat from when I created that.
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