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  1. Oh, thats unfortunate.
    There is a Marijuana thread I'm working in right now though. But depending on what i can do with the overall theme, I will most likely make my own thread concerning more detailed aspects of it.
  2. I am not going to be able to have the Formal Debate with you. I revised my class schedule and it appears I am going to be super busy this semester. Still though, I encourage you to start a thread, probably in the Social Issues Forum. It should be a fun read.
  3. Yes I would love to debate against legalization with you. Just tell me where and how to join and I'll be there.
  4. Are your posts in debate forums, or in "Shooting the breeze"? Only posts in debate forums count.

    Additionally, we can have a conversation on each other's wall like this. Click on my picture and respond on my wall; that way it will notify me that I have a message waiting.
  5. Welcome to ODN.

    Would you like to debate the topic of illegalization with me? The Formal Debate forum may be intimidating to new members, but it is one-on-one, and more directed to an audience. The normal debate forums are less structured, addressed to each other as opposed to an audience of judges, and more than two people can participate.

    Let me know!
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