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  1. Thanks for the rep!
  2. Hey TY for the Rep! (I was hoping for some seriously eye-opening discussions from it Lets see)
  3. No, it was for pointing out the problem with saying "If we can't prove a specific religion than we can't rationally accept any of them." Even though he tries a comeback on that one, his OP stresses it heavily and openly and you are the only one so far to call it on the carpet.
  4. Thanks for the Rep. However, if it was for the "Ringing true" argument. Then you will probably be disappointed, as in my next post I concede that point. Mostly because I don't have time to argue two separate lines of reasoning.
    But again, thanks It means a lot considering some of your threads.
  5. Thanks for the rep. Judging from some of your posts, it is much appreciated.
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