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  1. ru still with us mlady? I got fed up with site and my screen problem but now im back the site is better. the questions allow for more of a venting of the spleen but numbers seem low.
    im on facebook that may have real time chat should you feel so inclined
  2. Your impatience is causing problems, I'm afraid. You need to tell me what problems you're experiencing today so I can help you. You've started no fewer than 4 threads in site feedback. I want you to stop creating threads, and the best way to do that is to answer your questions. But I don't understand them. Have you been back to those threads since you created them?
  3. I have just recieved your notification of reply, i was surfing while i was waiting, I am impatient but then life is short
  4. I have not bothered to subscribe to chat rooms as I have never encountered anyone with a topic worthy of discussion before.
  5. Not really. ODN doesn't rely on "real time" chat. We seem to function just fine. What are the problems you're dealing with today?
  6. Just got your notification of reply, its quite difficult coordinating a chat in real time dont you think?
  7. Are you not seeing the notifications that I'm posting replies on your profile?
  8. I cannot go to the chatroom. I am behind a firewall that blocks the software used to run that chatroom. Do you use any chat services? Google Talk? Yahoo Instant Messenger?
  9. Hello lady phoenix are you online now ? i tried the chat rooom but theres noone in the world in there. perhaps you would care to chat!
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