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  1. The peeping Tom, of course.
  2. :D What is creepier, the peeping Tom or the guy who gets off on stalking the peeping Tom? :D
  3. Stop looking at my deleted posts, you nosehole.
  4. Spirit of the stairway, dear. Too late.
  5. When you said, "You do know that you can edit signatures via the moderator control panel, right?" I should have said, "And you know you can't right?" :D
  6. Squatch? Is that you?
  7. Clothes?!? Bah! Can't they wash and fold themselves??
  8. Yes, but I had to go down to the laundry room and fold clothes first.
  9. You do know that you can edit signatures via the moderator control panel, right?
  10. lol ok

    But to be sure, I'm not losing any sleep over it.

    To recap: My point of contention is that, with regards to the particular post that prompted this discussion, it was an issue with potentially profound implications; implications which compelled me to use the system I believed would get the quickest response. If it was the case that the private forums were exposed to the public, it needed to be addressed quick, fast and in a hurry.

    Contrast that with the thing I brought up today in the "Ask the Staff" forum (which took four hours to get a response despite several staff members having been on today) and you can appreciate my concerns.

    The bottom line is this: If it's something I believe warrants immediate attention (which I do feel qualified to judge), or something that appears to be against the rules, I use method "A"; an historically proven model. In all other cases, I use method "B" (or whatever).

    I doubt I could be swayed to behave otherwise.
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