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  1. Thanks Vand. I am struggeling but I am getting there. My husband is really stubborn and is making things very difficult at the moment. The atmosphere here is .... you can cut it with a knife. I am surviving though and am sure my lawyer is competent enough to negotiate on my part. He is very good. I just wish my husband could see that he is actually waisting his money.
  2. What amazes me most so far is the content aware scaling, something I been wanting to try since it was announced. The big difference with the extended version is with the 3D aspect but I did not get into that yet.

    Smart filters are really cool as well.
  3. Ooooo! Yammy! So what are you currently doing with it? Which part of it are you using?
  4. Hello, I'm currently am using and learning CS4 Extended.

  5. Welcome back, yours in not to shabby either !
  6. I love your avatar....
  7. :O) It's not lost on me. Have a nice day
  8. lol Thanks, and Cinderella only has one shoe. haha
  9. Bravo Aspo, you were a shoe-in for this role.
  10. Hello ! No I was working on something that needed done first thing in the morning hence I was not chatty. I hope you're doing well.
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