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  1. And now it's been over 21 months. =)
  2. Hmm, I'll think about it !

  3. By the by, you should join us on Atheist's Abode.

    (We take in agnostics, too)
  4. Actually, lol, he wasn't my math teacher, he was just a math teacher. He teaches calculus I, II, and during the summers, III. I was in calculus III by the beginning of my freshmen term, last year. As such, I never had him. We don't teach Fourier sequences in calculus I or II. Hell, we don't even discuss Fourier-anything until our analysis course. Which, I'm taking next semester. We do discuss Laplacean transforms in differential equations, which as similar to Fourier transforms. =P

    I heard he was a really good teacher though... *shrugs&
  5. I see. And the ladies attending the class get all hot and bothered when he teaches the fourier series ?
  6. Oh!

    No no, that was a little Chinese lady. haha Thickest accent. Ever.

    PS: Do you do IMing?
  7. You just remarked on my picture, that I look like your math teacher. I was wondering if that was the professor in question. It was to me you had made the "substract" remark
  8. Hey Vand. I remember posting a thread on my one professor who said "substract" rather than "subtract" all the time. lol, but I don't think I understand what you were referencing. Expound upon this, please. =P

  9. Thats funny GP, the one that used to say "substract" ?
  10. Thanks, I was wondering about that. Thats kind of you !
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