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  1. LOL thanks mate.
  2. Loving your posts in the "Reason for Atheism" thread. I tried to rep you, but I got that stupid "You must spread some rep around . ." post.
  3. Thanks....I haven't read any of his work per se but I do love a lot of his quotes.
  4. I like your quote. Are you a fan of Nietzsche or did you just like that particular quote?
  5. LOL nah man.
    The threat was made against a JUDGE'S associate. I can't say much more on your wall because this is publicly available. But you don't need to apologise at all. I didnt get upset by your comment or anything like that. Just thought I wanted to make it known just how seriously fkkd up this fellow is so that we would all be on the same page. This is assuming it's the same dude. But "Truth", serious criminal conviction, jail time, the Port Arthur theme (he also did one about the Columbine shooting; calling the perpetrators MARTYRS!), and the apparent location from Australia (though he'd be in Melbourne but may have moved) seem to make it very very probable that it's him.
  6. I had no idea he was seriously that dangerous. I also had no idea that he made serious threats against your associate, and I hope you understand the previous comment was not made with the knowledge that he was actually responsible, or could have been responsible for those things. I do sincerely apologize for making such irresponsible and senseless remarks.
  7. course is good, pretty intense
  8. How's the course going, man? We've been missing you around here.
  9. Best of luck to you, man. Looks like we'll be going to school at the same time, then. Looks like ODN is going to be short some mods.
  10. Thanks for asking but I'm not job hunting...just finishing my stuff at the old work and about to start a barrister course on 1 March. That goes for 2.5 months after which I become a barrister (like a freelancer advocate....)
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