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  1. I like you too Thanks for the likes, they are encouraging.
  2. Thanks for the rep.
  3. HAHA.. so you think I am 6 gold star worthy .. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
  4. I just wanted to push you into the 6 Gold Star range. Of course, I only did posts I thought were good... but I was so close with my rep, I figured I'd give it a shot anyway.
  5. Thanks for the Rep and Likes.. I guess I had a good day posting
  6. No problem man.. I don't give out many reps.. or should I say I don't find many posters deserving of rep, but the ones that do often deserve more rep than I can give...
    you are in the latter group.
  7. Thank you kindly for the rep, sir!!
  8. That was the funniest thing I've heard in a while.. Great reference, and now I will have to go play that game...
    Epic rep.
  9. Thanks for the rep.. It is a topic I have thought about a little, but wanted to develop more. So set it on the forge of reason, and see what takes shape.
  10. Thanks for the rep.. I learneded a new word *J*
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