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  1. Oh, it was a pleasure. I had no idea that you also enjoyed sacred music. Of course you don't have to be religious to enjoy it, the St. Matthew Passion was wonderfully written.
  2. Thanks for posting the youtube link to Kommt, ihr Töchter, helft mir klagen – O Lamm Gottes unschuldig! Wonderful!
  3. Thanks, you have no idea how much I appreciate that. She is going to be in some pain for probably over a year now and I have moved in with her. It's a long process but we enjoy the company well enough anyways.
  4. All the best to you and your mother. I'm sorry to hear she's suffering.
  5. lol thx
  6. Thanks for the rep!

    Have a laugh on me. Hope you haven't seen this one:
  7. Well, I've been around a little bit in the past two days, and I intend to reply to you in your thread, but inspiration hasn't really hit me enough yet. I'll be back in there with you fairly soon though, so have a good one, Dio.
  8. Tag, you're it.
  9. Well, if it happens in a debate forum, we just blow it off. It happens from time to time, and the thread either takes off or it doesn't. No biggie.

    BUT! If it happens in a NON-debate forum (like the Club House forums), feel free to call them on it. I know I do.

  10. Sorry about that. Should I have just sent him a visitor message about it? How do we deal with thread necromancy?
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