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  1. I want to post in the thread.. and I hope to have some time to lay my thoughts out, if only a little, there.
    Thanks for asking.
  2. Thanks for the rep, bro. I have to wonder, though: what is it that you think about grace?
  3. Thanks man, I watched "waiting for superman". When one considers the topic and the reasons people are 'really' fighting against it.. It makes you sick. Thanks for the rep man.
  4. Well, the fine-tuning argument I will present has a lot to do with the curious observation that DNA is seemingly intelligently organized information that inexplicably varies (or mutates) in order to propogate more favorable design. It could very well be, when we see God in His tabernacle set on the New World, that we can with great interest and admiration observe that to complement His act of Creation He actively directed the path of every genome.
  5. Crack team of apologists you say? I am very interested to hear what you say when you get back
  6. Thanks for the rep. Always nice to receive encouragement from your fellow debator.
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