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  1. I was researching on Christianity and war. There are many more links to vesres that absoulutely forbid christians to kill for ANY reasons, not even for defense of their country. There are fewer links that justify war of any kind or for what particular reasons. From what I can reason, applying logic to what Jesus supposedly had to say about killing for any reason is not christian. It simply defies the very core of what a christian is supposed to do when faced with evil.
    But I'm sure that debate has been done enough. However just as the verses about praying, it seems that most christians are not doing what jesus would do, I must say, from what I read, I wouldn't follow his teachings when faced with evil.
  2. Hey dude! That bible verse about praying in private is from Matthew chapter 6 and runs around verse 4 to verse 8 or so. I love pulling that quote out to anyone that is for prayer in public schools or public places or such.
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