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    Trump is the only guy who can win for the Republicans.

    If Trump doesn't win, America is going in the shitter forever. Sad, but true.
  2. That is interesting. As a note, last election cycle I was saying how I would rather Trump over the guys we had to pick. So I'm not exactly hostile to trump, if you were planning on taking the pro trump side. I'm kinda on the fence (a big beautiful fence), so I could take either side.
  3. Hmmm... I like. Potential Thread Title: Why I Am Voting for Trump, and You Should Too
  4. Politics would help me out the most probably. I need to do my homework for the upcoming pres election. We can talk trump V Hillary. My current choice is Ben Carson. There is probably some issues around terrorism and policy that we can explore. If you like we could just dive in and brain storm in shooting the Breez or some such.
  5. Same here, man. Haven't talk to many ODNers on the phone... that just makes us more real.

    Don't know what I have the itch to debate... just know I have the itch. Can never go wrong with either politics or religion.
  6. I am here man. I actually thought about you the other day. Not many ODN goers that I have talked to on the phone, so your in a small group. let me know what strikes your fancy, and we can start something. I really don't have anything on my mind debate wise.. so I'm open to anything. Political, religious, economic, take your pick maybe we can narrow a topic down.
  7. What's up, bro? You still log in here?

    I'm gettin' the itch for a debate... just don't know what about... been such a long time... want to see if I'm still sharp...
  8. Working like mad my friend. Still remodeling that two story. I have been cleaning foreclosed homes for banks.. Had my Gaul Bladder removed unexpectedly.
    Love the name change.. i really want to use the short of "son of a.." because it tickles my funny bone to think people are about to swear saying your name ...I was happy to read that, it sounds like, you have conquered a few demons. Also.. is it just me or is that a picture of a Moses Superman?
  9. What's up, duke?
  10. Well, first there is the personal house we purchased to remodel. It is a two story, very large with lots of work to be done, and lots of equity to be built into it. We are still working to that one. Had a Bank Repo basically handed to me, but it needed work as well. So we just finished that. Will be selling my house for the move and it needs some minor repair (paint,wash, etc) Then of course all the while working on my customer base, which will include another remodel job soon (you have to eat while you work). With all that, and the paper work that goes with it, I need a clone.. or two, a small army would be nice, just enough to take over the world. "The world is a mess and I just want to rule it"Dr horrible. Yea, I'll work on that next.

    It is good to hear things are well with you. Staying busy?
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