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  1. I am doing fine thanks! Good to know you are still alive and kicking.
  2. Definitely still alive! Though I haven't been in the ODN sphere in forever. How are you?
  3. Happy Birthday! I wonder if you are still alive...
  4. Happy Birthday!
  5. Well thank you. That was taken on the beach of Kleinmond in SA. The sea there is cold and unpleasant to swim in. We did in the end swim of course, because we don't get the opportunity to do so every day. I almost freezed to death. lol I much rather prefer the hot dry climate of the bushveld.
  6. That's so kind, happy birthday to you too :D!
  7. Happy Birthday Star! Hope you have a wonderful day! Hope you really get that old.
  8. Starcreator, are you really 97 years old? Sorry, but somehow I just can not believe that. And we both were born on 22 June, people born on that day are just awesome people, don't you agree?
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