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  1. No problems clarity is always the challenge on ODN.
  2. Weird, I don't think I ended up sending it. I thought you were quoting my Dan Barker quote back at me again - I figured it out finally!
  3. sorry I missed your private message due to a full mail box.. .try again, it is clear now
  4. Pretty much a minor issue IMO.
    I don't believe MORE information is bad. Which is all "creation" is.

    That whole issue not withstanding, I would rather a pres who disagrees with me on that issue and agrees with me on say. healthcare, or taxes.
    It certainly isn't an issue worth NOT voting for someone.
  5. No probs - it was my mistake for not reading through it properly and thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    I still think Jindal isn't good for the country though - my bozo bit gets flipped on the anti-science/creationist issue.
  6. Real quick on propaganda. I didn't mean it that you were making information up. That is a use of propaganda, but that isn't how I intended it. I intended more of an omission which I accept is an easy mistake to make. Just don't want you to think I was saying you were making stuff up to support your point.
  7. I should have space now.. sorry
  8. FYI - You've run out of space in your mailbox.
  9. Likewise, I thought you were very respectful. I don't really get bothered by debates - it's pretty much an intellectual exercise to me -- except, that I do want to win :-).


  10. I thought you were pretty respectful in the race thread. I hope I came across the same way. The great challenge on ODN is to disagree without taking things personally. I would like to think we both achieved that in the thread.

    your personal
    Mind Trap
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