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  1. Thanks for the comment!
  2. ... I think if I were able to start over, I would probably offer a slightly different variation. I really want to challenge the idea of Christmas as it is currently practiced by society being a purely Christian holiday, among other integration. I would probably argue the "secular" reasoning a bit different, in that there are some plausible secular motivations for keeping the current holiday. (sort of a second step to the first point). .. A few other things, mostly in re-arranging how the points are communicated, as I think I could have done a better job Anyway.. I'll give it some thought and let you know prior to a reboot.. I had thought about starting a new thread, as it was a substantial sub plot to the thread topic (directly related of course).
  3. I think focusing on 123 arguments is a great way to keep things straight. Likewise I like the idea of creating 123 interpretations of the opponents argument because it will reveal if someone is correctly interpreting the others argument. If you want, we can re-engage the debate and just focus on one aspect trying to keep the focus on 123. Again, if you want. I kind of feel that that debate has run its course so no problem if you decline.
  4. NP, after all these years I still have to work on form. I really need to start keeping a kind of response outline because trying to go back and summarize 3 -4 pages of responses, and confirm what has indeed been supported or not.. it's impossible, well maybe just a whole lot of work. Then, I tend to take too big a bite and post 5 or 6 sub arguments. Anyway, we are still a work in progress.
  5. Thanks for the classy comment post-debate. I'd return the gesture but I apparently have to "spread it around" before I can give you a reputation comment. Good debate!
  6. There were too many car commercials. It was like "buy a car".. "buy a car" .. "Buy a car!". It's just poor formatting.
  7. I agree with your comment "PS. the video was good.. but not really relevant to coke." and felt the same way about many of the SuperBowl commercials. I had no idea what they were pitching until the end of the commercial. Many were impressive but not necessarily effectively selling the product.
  8. Yep. It's a fun one but still has meat to it.
  9. Thanks for the rep... I needed a leisurely topic.
  10. Good night
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