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  1. You're assuming he doesn't need to parse his words. I'm not willing to make that assumption.
  2. Your PM file is full, so I'll answer you here. Stossel's interview of Cain is not much of a problem in a stand alone position (although it's definitely not a Cain home run either!). However, when one looks carefully at the Piers Morgan interview (at around 2:05-2:25 on this clip) and then the Stossel interview, in my humble opinion Cain has a real problem; the kind he's not going to be able to fix with clarifications, because the "dilemma" is either he's not paying attention when his interviewers are being very clear in their questions to him (Morgan makes it very clear in his condescendingly annoying British fashion), or he has an internally contradictory position on abortion; i.e., "abortion under no circumstance" and "in the case of rape and incest the families should decide".
  3. Thanks much for the rep.
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