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  1. Hey, forgot to say thinks for the links and info. Interesting stuff. I appreciate it.
  2. Re: camping.

    Where do you live?

    Personally, I have tents from kifaru.

    They are the best value. Priced many times more than most tents, kifarus outlast them all. They have no floors which is great with kids who spill food and drink. Its also great if a little boy wakes up and can't make it outside to pee. They also have packable stoves.

    Ground sheets, good sleeping pads and bags are critical for comfort. Propane stove, and having food your kids like. I like mountain house brand dehydrated meals and so do my kids.

    You need to keep kids well-fed, dry and warm...and busily occupied or they'll hate it. For little kids, cane poles, no. 10 wire hooks, wax worms and a pond with lots of little fish that keep the bobber moving is all most kids need. Make sure the kids wear eye protection, and buy a hemostat for unhooking little fish and crimping down barbs so getting a hook out of a kids finger is simple and not traumatic.

    Pm me if you have more ?
  3. Hey, I wonder if I could solicit you for a bit of input.

    Short and sweet:

    I want to begin light camping with my kids. I enjoy it, but I'm utterly unequipped, both materially and mentally.

    So, what sort of equipment do you recommend? What sort of activities do you recommend?

    Bear in mind that we don't care for hunting. Maybe fishing, but unlikely.

    Thanks in advance, and if you don't have the time or the inclination, I understand completely.
  4. great article you linked in my blog. I responded to it....
  5. replied to your blog comment...
  6. No rush on that reply, bud. Take your time. I know you've got stuff going on.
  7. Also, you should know I wouldn't make fun of typos because I DO know and DO appreciate the occasional extra, wayward letter that stems from your chronic suffering, and that is certainly no laughing matter. But, again, you spelled it exactly like that two times and I thought it was funny. That's it. It's not meant to impugn your character or your intelligence because you have plenty of both.

    But, unless your injury affects your ability to spell as well as your ability to type, I must say that I'm disappointed that you attempted to drape your offense in a flag by pulling the victim card and suggesting that the mistakes were something other than they were and then editing the post hoping no one would notice the two, identical, spelling errors.

    On the other hand, if your injury DOES affect your mind AND your hands, then that truly is new information to me and I DO regret having made you feel as you did. If that TRULY IS the case, then I do apologize.
  8. Hey bro,

    I wasn't making fun of your spinal injury when I laughed at "Robert Dineero". It struck me as funny that you spelled it phonetically (twice, and exactly the same way, we all noticed) and it was "Shootin' the Breeze" so there's a certain amount of levity in there. I was just screwing with you, bud.
  9. I remember saying that you need to read the introduction thread. I see that you haven't yet.

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