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  1. glad you took that post as I intended... in good humor. It's the only ointment for hurt pride you know
  2. Just caught in a moment of really appreciating a quality opponent. I hope all has been well with you, also hope you got some of that Kingcake last time you were down.. I have been craving some and it is out of season.
  3. No problem amigo. Something on your mind?
  4. Thank you for being here.
  5. It's a plan then! Rouses on the way in! Thanks bro!
  6. Yea it's seasonal, after the Mardi Gras season they are gone. If you get one stop at a local Rouses, they have the best IMO. We love the Bavarian creme, if you are in the mood for a filling. I also like mine with a glass of milk. But you can hardly go wrong with sugar covered goodness. Safe trip to you.
  7. No, I didn't even know about King Cake until I got to Atlantis this hitch. They had some (and I failed to try it), so I guess now I need to see if I can grab some on my way home. I fly to Houma on the 18th. Is it a seasonal thing or something?
  8. Did you get a king Cake before leaving Houma? Hope you did, because they won't last long.
  9. Thanks!
  10. Hahahaha
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