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  1. Hey Sig -- "I'M BA-ACK". How have you been?
  2. Lol... German (thus my name) darn fingers Was talking to the wife while typing that, she wanted to go out for chow. I more redden than tan under the harsh rays of the sun. <--- I don't like that emoticon, looks like I'm taunting when I mean to be self deprecating.
  3. where is Sermania?
  4. Heh, Serman and English blood and raised in Alaska. Pale indeed
  5. I replied again in the look really Canadian in that picture BTW...very pale.
  6. Probably... I was at the local Boeing museum of flight. A very cool museum indeed!

    I quite like plains but I'm not quite to the point I know all that many of them. My father had a large collection of Janes Aircraft I used to read as a child, though mostly he's into WWII era craft.
  7. Hey Sig...I replied to your comment in my blog. Is that a Beaver I see behind in your pic?
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