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  1. I've been working on, how can we scare less of the ones who come here away.

    We have a recruiting thread for the mods where folks are supposed to go out and spread the word subtly on other sites. Not sure how effective that is. I should do more, but I got a bit burnt out fighting some internal battles with the mod squad. It would be nice to have more intelligent liberal voices around. Or heck, even some moderates like me.

    I tend to look younger than I am. I'm 42 currently, the profile pic there is about 6 years old or so but I don't look much different (except I'm a bit fatter these days).
  2. can we get more liberals to join us? By the way, you're much younger than I imagined you were lol just saw your picture. Idk I always pictured a professor-like old guy lolz
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