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  1. Hey, man. I want to change my user name.
  2. Yo, you realize that I'm just kiddin' around with the Clivester, right?
  3. Good game for Indy.

    Sh*tty game for my boys.
  4. Right. It sometimes comes down to luck. While there is always an element of luck in any game...that luck would be so prevalent in so many games, is disturbing to me. Do we want to see a team that has barely squeaked by due to luck, bad calls, injuries to the other teams it faced, etc... make it to the end? Or would we rather see a team playing at full capacity against other teams doing likewise?

    Yes. Elves. Dey is bad mofo's.
  5. There are so many teams that could be in completely different positions.

    Take the Bears, for instance. I hate them. Due to lucky breaks and flukey big plays, they barely beat the Cowboys. They barely beat the Packers, simply because the Packers had more penalties in that game since I've been alive. And they only beat Detroit because of that stupid ass rule about holding on to the ball after a catch. And then, their true colors were exposed when they allowed i12 sacks against the GAY Giants.

  6. There is no NFL. There is only Manning.

    I want my elves.
  7. lol, seriously? I mean, I can see you saying that as an Indy fan.

    As a fan of the game (assuming you are one), though, doesn't the unpredictability of the events on any given Sunday excite you?

    I think Indy will bounce back. They've got the Manning.
  8. This year b-l-o-w-s so far.

    Would rather watch a Blood Bowl game.
  9. I think this year will be full of parity in the NFL. Kansas City is the only undefeated left. WTF?
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