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  1. Ehhhh...I always have fun. ..It was not the best concert ever (lol) But It was entertaining
  2. How do you do... hope you enjoyed your concert !
  3. Howdy!
  4. How are you and your son doing?
  5. How silly that was of me...

    Funny !
  6. I agree! See, you should become a super cool American!
    I love Mozart Horn concertos...But deep down, the theme from Super Man gave me one hell of a tingle... : ) Totally guilty pleasure playing that.
  7. I'm quite good, thanks for asking. Your American political season have me quite amused and I am looking forward to tonights debate. How about you ? Say, what type of music do you enjoy playing with your horn ?
  8. HEY!!! How are ya?? Hope all is well.
  9. Your's are coming Wednesday. Be patient now.
  10. UH! Where are my flowers..Now I am going to become a terse little witch!
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