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  1. Family is doing well. Bethany is 4. Goodness. Can you imagine? The oldest kid is in the children's choir and on her school basketball team this year. We're so busy. Patrick's... been up and down (health-wise)... but is moderate at the moment. I'm still loving work, but my health has been in question recently, too. But we're all still kickin'. So there's that!
  2. Good! Design business is taking off and we have some cool plans for ODN in the near future. How's the fam?
  3. I have been away so long... I hadn't even gotten a notification that you replied to that. How is life?
  4. Sup 'ole lady!? Blessing us with your presence today?
  5. Hello, old man.
  6. We'll see. It's installed and integrated. Just playing around with it for now. And since we have a much more robust server, it can handle things like that. The problem is, the bridge I'm using atm, doesn't appear to be supported any longer. So if anything went wrong, we'd be sol. So I wanna test it out before it becomes a live feature.
  7. MediaWiki on ODN??
  8. I found the old rules and stuff just like you said I would...
  9. lol why? What'd I do now?
  10. You are an effin' genius.
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