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  1. Should be good now.
  2. Can't PM you says your mailbox is full.
  3. Yeah I went to Hawaii for National Guard in December, it was great, though I had been nursing a cold and didn't quite get over it in time. Perhaps I got you sick. ;-)
  4. I enjoyed it so much I went on vacation to Hawaii.

    So I spent the week of 20 degrees in 75 degrees. Good times indeed. Got a nasty chest cold on the way home though, so revenge for my escape was had by the fates.

    I also used to live up in Alaska so cold doesn't bug me too much. Still I'll take sun and sand over cold and snow most times.
  5. Have you been enjoying the weather here as of late? It is Fing cold.
  6. I'm out of rep points for the day. And as much as I disagree with you analysis of the differences in religions, I wanted to applaud you for using the word myriad properly. It is rarely used so and I applaud you for doing so!
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